Write These 3 Texts To Make Him Chase You

It’s no secret that in today’s society, men don’t seem as invested in relationships. With technology making it easier than ever to meet someone new, people have abandoned the good old-fashioned courting routine where they actually take you on a date and follow the simple stages of attraction.

If you’re a woman struggling to find a true connection, you most likely feel as if men aren’t really trying to win you over. Instead, you’re left with a lousy, effortless text that he uses to make you chase him. But you can turn the table, trust me.

First of all, women that make men chase them share 2 very important characteristics. Not just any men, but the best men. First, they have high standards. Most people think that high standards scares people away, when in reality this is what sets them apart. Standards make you attractive.

Second, they know how to communicate those standards in an attractive way. While just having standards makes you confident, communicating them is competence.

The food industry has a trick for making people wanting more of a certain food by adding the perfect combination of salty and sweet, called the bliss point. This makes you keep wanting more and more of that food.

Well, dating has a bliss point too. 

You can make the perfect combination of “salty and sweet” that’ll make him wanting more of you. Here are three dating scenarios that you’ve been most likely in, an the perfect text responses that can trigger the bliss point.

Text Scenario #1: The Date Deliberator

This is a guy that’s indecisive about what you guys are going to do on a date tonight. So he sends something like: “So, what are we doing tonight?”

You then immediately think inside your head, “YOU DECIDE MAN! It’s your job to figure out a plan, just freaking pick something!!”

But you don’t want to come off as aggressive. Instead, here’s the perfect bliss-point response:

“As much as I love planning, I think it would be more fun if you decide. (winky face emoji)”

In other words, you’re encouraging him to take initiative.

Text Scenario #2: The Homebody

This guy sends you something like: “There’s a cool bar in my part of town for tonight.”

Somewhere inside you feel that he should be making the effort to come to you or at least meet halfway. Maybe the last time you even went to his part of town. Now, he hasn’t done anything wrong at this moment but you’d like to take this opportunity to educate him.

Instead of bottling up your feelings and going to his part of town, you can put together this bliss point message:

“Jeeez are you always this lazy? It’s your turn to come to me (kissy face emoji).”

What this shows is that you can call someone out for their behavior, but you can do it in a playful and affectionate way.

Scenario #3: The Day of Disappearance

This is when you have plans to go see a guy on a date, but on that day it’s getting past the point where it’s acceptable for him to give you details. Maybe it’s 3 pm and you both agreed to go out, but he still hasn’t sent anything.

Maybe he’s super busy, but it’s still not okay to be waiting last minute. So you can either be patient and passive and just wait till he texts you or can construct this bliss point message:

“Hey you, should I assume we’re not on for tonight? I haven’t heard from you and I have other things I’d like to do if not. (smiley face emoji)”

Once again, the beauty of this is that it addresses him in a kind way and at the same time lets him know that you have really high standards with your time. You’re letting him know that if he doesn’t improve his communication, you’re going to find something else to do.

Why are people afraid to send these texts? Because if we show standards we’re frightened that we might lose out on that opportunity to spend time with them tonight.

And the most important thing. These messages won’t increase your chances of seeing him tonight, but will increase the chances of him wanting you tomorrow. This communication isn’t about short-term games, it’s about long-term attraction.

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