The Word You See First Will Reveal Your Subconscious Personality

Here’s a fun test where the first word that comes to your mind in the image below determines your mind. Keep on reading below to see what this reveals about your subconsciousness.

Here’s the image above. What word flashes in your mind? Let’s see below what it reveals.

If you see LOVER:

This means that your subconscious personality is very vivid and lively. As a person, you’re very intriguing and people get addicted to you very easily. You inspire them to try to find out more about you. You have a special way to keep them guessing, which can never be dull. You’re far from predictable for sure!

If you see LOWER:

This means that deep inside, you’re very dominating! You are one of the few people that are willing to risk and take chances, and you’re certainly not afraid to go against the odds if you truly believe in something. You’re always the one your friends ask to take the first step when in a risky situation. People love to be around you because you’re never dull.

If you see LOSER:

This means your subconscious personality is very honest! You’re a straight-shooter and people always feel like you’re always 100% honest with them, even though sometimes it can be annoying to them. On the other hand, they know that you wouldn’t ever deceive them and that’s why you make them feel secure. Honestly, people love having you around because you’re a genuine person.

This test is called The Missing Letter Effect. The founder, Healy (1994) believed that identification processing played a crucial role in discovering the deeper levels of our subconsciousness.

Later, Koriat and Greenberg (1994) researched word structures within sentences and found this to be crucial. Both hypotheses were tested extensively, but neither of them could explain the full effects.

Recently, a new model was developed, called the guidance-organization model. This explained the missing letter effect. By putting together Koriat and Greenberg and Healy’s models, they could explain the full effect of the missing letter model.

As Greenberg et al. explain:

“The time spent processing high-frequency function words at the whole-word level is relatively short, thereby enabling the fast and early use of these words to build a tentative structural frame.”

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