Women, Pay Close Attention To How Much You Sleep! Neuroscientists Have Issued A Warning!

Sleeping is necessary for maintaining our body healthy, it affects our overall health and lack of it can trigger many health issues.

When we sleep the organs and cells are replenished and certain important compounds are synthesized so when we wake up we feel fresh, energized and ready for the day.

The sleeping hours can be different depending on the individual, but experts suggest that 7 to 8 hours is a perfect time. However, recent studies suggest that sleeping is a different process for men and women.

In the new study, experts suggest that 8 hours of sleep is not enough for women. That is due to the fact that the brain activity of females is higher than that of men, therefore it requires more rest.

Moreover, scientists have concluded that the so-called restorative or beautifying sleep is not a myth. Sleeping actually improve our skin quality and that factor is definitely more important to women than men.

If you’re women that you should definitely get more sleep than your men and that means more than 8 hours.

Other than that there are several other factors that greatly impact our sleeping, like our mattress, pillow, eating before bedtime and so on. But surprisingly what has the most impact is the side that we sleep.

In recent years experts have proved that sleeping on the left side is a lot more beneficial and healthier than any other position.

The reason for that is the location of our organs and how the digestive system is affected by this simple practice.

Source: Organic Health Corner

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