Woman Gets Kicked Out of Gym, Is Told Her Breasts Are Too Big [PHOTOS]

A woman from Canada just endured major humiliation from a local gym. She was asked by the staff to leave the gym because “her breasts were too big” and they were “distracting the other members.”

The woman, Jenna Vecchio, was offended and immediately expressed her anger on a long Facebook post for the world to see. This caught the attention worldwide. She explains that the tank top she was wearing was no different than the tank tops that other women were wearing at the gym.

She went on to add that her chest is larger than her frame and maybe that’s why her tank top seemed smaller in size compared to the other women.

She went on to post pictures wearing the same black tank top for which she was kicked out at the gym. The confused woman told a news source that she was casually working out with her husband when two female supervisors from the gym approached her and asked her to leave. They told her that she made them feel “uncomfortable.”

Vecchio, who’s a passionate gym rat, felt confused because many other women at the gym were wearing similar tops. Also, on the gym’s website there were no dress code rules apart from being required to wear clean sneakers and fitting, sporty attire.

This made the women not only feel uncomfortable, but also degraded. She couldn’t help the fact that her chest was bigger than other ladies there. She couldn’t change that.

Vecchio even asked other women at the gym if they found her attire offensive or if they felt uncomfortable by it, and no one said yes. The gym didn’t back down though. They went on to release a statement that they removed Vecchio from the facility due to multiple complaints from other gymgoers.

Here Vecchio posted the same tank top she wore on social media.

The gym stated the her top was simply “too revealing” not that her chest was big. The lack of coverage caused the gym to take measures.

Thanks to the power of social media, her post got over 4,000 shares on Facebook and encouraged many people to leave negative reviews on Movato’s gym Facebook page for “degrading” and “shaming” Ms. Vecchio.

What are your thoughts? Is her top too revealing or did the gym shame Vecchio? We’d love to hear them in the comment section below.


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