Why Empaths Always Fall For The ‘Hurt’ Narcissists For One Surprising Reason


Empaths have a hard time turning their backs on people. They accept narcissists thinking that their selfishness comes from a place of pain. We wish that this truly was the deal, but with narcissists it’s completely different.

In modern society, a narcissist is perceived as someone who’s deeply in love with him or herself. In psychology, they are defined as someone that has an ‘idealized self image’ which they use to avoid being seen for who they really are. Deep down inside, they feel ugly — no matter how much they don’t admit this.

Empaths try to convince themselves about the “greater good” that lies deep within narcissists, hoping that they can change their ways. And while the empath is doing this, the narcissist is taking full on advantage from them.

They seek special treatment from others. Narcissists expect empaths to cater their every need without returning the favor. The world revolves only around them (at least they think).

It’s a story with a sad ending. The empath doesn’t realize that their kindness is taken for granted and also don’t understand that the narcissist has zero compassion. This is a situation very relatable for empaths, as they tend to fall victims to narcissists before they even know it.

This way, the get exploited by the narcissists. The reason? Well, we can all agree that empaths have a hard way of setting up boundaries for themselves. It’s no secret that narcissists are pathological liars who have a PhD. in deception.

But this is just the beginning of their psychological torment. 


This slow yet well planned process makes the narcissist play wounded, which consumes the empath trying to ease them with love and understanding. What happens is that the empath gets too sick of this torment that they look for a situation to escape the clutches of the narcissist.

Can these 2 personalities ever become compatible?

Opposites attract well, but this just isn’t the case with empaths and narcissists. In fact, they will never become compatible and find common ground. The narcissist sucks out the energy of anyone around them, while they ‘paint’ themselves as the victim.

This toxicity is never ending and only drains and wears out the empath. It may take day, weeks, months or even years for the empath to be able to end the relationship with the narcissist. Even when an empath tries to have a conversation with them, they struggle to get their thoughts heard and are often times interrupted.

By ending the relationship, the empath has faced victory. They’ve taken a positive leap forward the path of self-control. The key takeaway is that remaining in a toxic relationship with a narcissist is only going to leave YOU wounded, not them. The physical and mental abuse isn’t worth it, which can hurt your health in the long run.

And remember…

“There’s a reason narcissists don’t learn from mistakes and that’s because they never get past the first step which is admitting that they made one.” —J. Kluger

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  1. I was with a narcissist for 6 years. Had two kids with him. I have to deal with so much drama from him and his daughter. He tells nasty lies about me to all of his friends and threatens me on Facebook as well. He buys expensive things for himself and doesn’t pay his child support.

  2. Iv been trying to split up with one for years. He will never go,I have only felt misery and it’s like I can’t take anymore..then I’ll feel bad because he will say something..its all my fault. Why won’t go?.

    1. Mine finally left. It was the happiest day of my life, I hope Susan, yours leaves yours as well. Mine left because he spent all my money. Bargain for that bastard to leave. Trust me.

  3. Oh my, what tales i could tell..ive been a wiccan for bout 30yrs now,…i have ALWAYS felt other folks vibes,.or pains. I was young and i married a narciccsist. He was a rock musicion, he was hot and VERY sexy. After the honey moon..1to 2 yrs…he started referring to me as his pin cushin. guess why??…RIGHT..And then i noticed if I got ill, or the flu,..or anything sickly,…he got it!..Then he wanted me to play all these parts of what he wanted for a wife…over and over,…libarian, nurse,..and the end all was when he wanted me to become a full fledge biker gal,….his bitch…II yrs and I remember sitting on our pic nic bench in our back yard…i was with my coven and we were doing our thing….All the sudden, my husband flies out the back door, and, I shit you not,..he yells,..Girl were is my f@#$%$# dinner??? If you could have seen the looks 7 witches gave me first, and then him,…well lets just say it scared my husbandi nto quiet mumbling for a while…. and then I left!!! Tracy

  4. My husband is a narcissist who knows enough about the disorder that he has cleverly labeled me as one ; however in 8 years of marriage and a divorce soon to be realised…i am leaving with nothing. He never did anything for me ; only made me ill and homeless. I realised that when a man makes a marriage proposal , he should be proposing a life for you….not sebastian…..all he proposed was working 2 years out of the 8 , making me physically and emotionally unwell and using me to pay for IVF and to have a child for him…..the same child which will see him on welfare or forced into menial labour for the rest of his miserable life….oh the best place to find these altruistic , covert , narcs….at your local charismatic church where they practice religious abuse….Im so happy I’m free of him!

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