What Your Sleeping Position Says About You


We all have our favorite sleeping positions, but did you know that this can actually reveal so much about you as an individual? The position in which we choose to sleep is a subconscious choice we make. In which position do you sleep at night? It says a lot about you! Read below to find out.


1. Fetal position

This is a very common position in which a person sleeps on their side with their legs curled up. Specialist PhD. and author, Chris Idzikowski, discovered in a survey that this sleeping position is the most popular among people. If you sleep in this position while catching your Z’s (or counting sheep), then you’re a very tough person on the outside, but very sensitive on the inside. You tend to shut yourself out and not show this sensitive side to others to avoid being hurt or taken advantage of. People that sleep in the fetal position also overthink things way too much. Try to not pressure yourself that much!

2. Log position

This position is where the person sleeps on their side, with their legs extended and their arms on their side. Though the person may resemble a mummy in this position, this person is everything except stiff! Log sleepers are very open-minded and easy-going individuals that always brighten up the room just with their presence. Even though they can talk with any type of people, they prefer running with the popular A-crowd. Log sleepers are very trusting, which accounts for their gullibility.

3. Yearner position

The yearner position looks very similar to the log position, except the person’s arms aren’t stiff rather are extended in front of them. Kind of like a zombie. Many studies reveal that yearner’s are very warm and inviting people. But, their cynical side is also strong. People that sleep in this position tend to be slow as a turtle when making decisions. But once they make up their mind, they are very strict and stubborn to change their mind.


4. Soldier position

People that sleep in the soldier position sleep on their back with their arms positioned straight in line with their body. This position lives up to its name, because people that sleep this way are very strong and tough — resembling true soldiers. They aren’t complicated to don’t argue or complain. They carry themselves with a high level of seriousnesses, which makes people perceive them that way too. Not only do soldier sleepers have high expectations for themselves, but for others around them too. They also sometimes snore in their sleep.

5. Freefaller position

The freefaller sleeps on his/her stomach, with their arms hugging the pillow. Similar to its name, people that sleep in this position are very full of life, open and have playful personalities. Yet, at certain points they can be a little harsh about things. They may seem like free spirits, but they secretly crave control and power. Even though like to take risks, deep down they are sensitive to criticism as well.

6. Starfish position

The starfish position is the least common sleeping position. Starfish sleepers lay on their backs, with their legs spread out and arms stretched out to their head. People that sleep in this weird, unconventional way are very loyal and trustworthy individuals. For them, friendship is everything. They are all ears when people tell them their problems and try to go out of their way to help others. Their sleeping position even looks like they want to be hugged.

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