[Warning] 5 Paranormal Games That Are Open Portals For Spirits And Should NEVER Be Played

Often times we feel bored and need something to increase our adrenaline levels. A simple spook here and there makes us feel excited. Of course it’s all fun and games until we let an entity or demon into our house this way.

Watch out and avoid playing these games AT ALL COST, no matter how much you think they are just simple games. Trust me, they’re more than that. These games act like portals and attract all types of spirits to you.

1. Three Kings Ritual

No one really knew this game until someone posted about it on a subreddit. It’s said that this game let’s you access another dimension. In order to play this game, you need to be alone in a large room. You’ll also need some candles, two large mirrors, three chairs, and a memorable object from when you were a kid.

Once you have everything set up, you leave the room and set your alarm for 3:30 am. If the things remained as they were in the room, you can continue. Sit in the chair at exactly 3:33 am and hold a candle to protect yourself and make sure it doesn’t go off from the fan behind you.

Look straight into the darkness and don’t look at the mirrors or candle. This is the point where people have felt a presence in the room. Many people have accounted a lucid dream-like state and have talked with their conscience.

2. The Closet Game

The primary goal of the closet game is pretty horrible. You don’t summon a spirit, nope. The objective is to summon a demon. The rule is that you need to step into a pitch black closet. Once in, you need to hold up an unlighted match and say out loud, “Show me the light or leave me in darkness.”

Once you start to hear sounds or whispers, light the match. It’s said that if you don’t light the match in the same moment you hear the noise, something will grab you into darkness. The same goes if you turn around to check to see what’s behind you.

If you don’t make a mistake, open the closet door once your match is lit. Slowly step outside the closet. A demon may appear peeping through your closet. And from there on, you must always turn the lights on in your closet since you’ve officially invited a demon in your house.

3. Elevator To Another World

The elevator game originates from Korea and is believed to take you to another world via elevator. Anyone can play this game,all the need is to find a 10 story building with an elevator. It’s important that you’re the only person in the elevator.

Type the number combination “4-2-6-2-10-5” once you step inside. It’s said that on the 5th floor a woman enters, to whom you should not speak nor look at. Continue to press the first floor button.

This gets creepy, because instead of going down to the first floor, the elevator starts going up to the tenth floor. Once you arrive at the tenth floor, the woman will ask you “Where are you going?” 

Don’t answer anything (you’re not supposed to) and leave the elevator at the tenth floor to start exploring the new world. To return back to the real world, simply use the same “4-2-6-2-10-5″ combo.

4. One Man Hide-And-Seek

One man hide-and-seek is an eerie game that comes from  Japan called Hitori Kakurenbo. Yeah, you’re probably thinking that this is just some spooky version of the hide and seek game you used to play with friends as a kid. Well, this is similar but there’s one key difference – you’re playing hide and seek with a possessed doll!

In order to perform this ritual, you need to follow a few simple rules. Find a doll that has stuffing. Remove all of the stuffing from it (hollow it out well). Next, fill it up with rice and sew the hole with red thread. Wrap up the doll with the remaining red thread.

After giving the doll a name, you need to place it in a tub filled with water. Then you can go hide somewhere. Remember to turn off all the lights and only leave the TV on. Now you can leave your hiding place and go look for the doll in the tub. The doll has supposedly left the tub – CREEPY.

Once you do find the doll, it’s said that you should pour salt water on it. After letting it dry, you need to burn the remains and throw it away from your house. Keep note that the TV flickers during the game, letting you know of unwanted visitors.

5.  The Midnight Game

The midnight game is one of the most popular paranormal games ever.  It’s usually played by those looking for greater challenges — you know, the people that don’t easily get spooked.

It’s believed that this game originates from an ancient Pagan ritual, performed to punish those that disobeyed the religion. You can find the specific instructions anywhere online — but I beg you do not perform this ritual because it will have an effect on you.

The game is based on summoning “Midnight Man” and you run breathless throughout your house avoiding to get caught (pretty hardcore stuff).  It’s said that if you don’t get caught by him by 3:33 am, you’ve won. This also can be played by more people in case someone’s too scared of doing it alone (I mean, Hell’s better will friends).

Bear in mind that those that have played this game warn others to NEVER play it because it has left them will hallucinations and deep mental scars.

Have you ever played a paranormal game? Please share and comment below to let us know about your experiences.



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