This Is the Most Terrifying Game on the Internet, and Nobody Knows Where It Came From

Jamie Farrell, an Irish YouTuber from Obscure Horror Cornerwho occasionally reviews horror games finds it rare to be actually freaked out. It wasn’t until he discovered a game without an author, dug out like an old skeleton from the darkest corners of the Internet – the Deep Web, called Sad Satan. Farrell goes on to say that this is the creepiest game he’d ever played.

While navigating through the dark halls of Sad Satan, he heard audio that reveal something sinister about the game. Pictures would appear of Satanic images and symbols. Weird text files would start opening and closing. He also discovered coded messages and pictures that date back to Nazi times. There was a part of the game where a small, deformed girl would appear and scream so loud that he’d have to remove his headphones. As if all of this seems odd enough and “too much” for normal game, the game started threatening Farrell. This is when he had enough and deleted the game.

But before he deleted the game he released 5 videos and uploaded them to his channel. This encouraged many people to decipher the sinister messages of Sad Satan. Not only this, but to find the original version of the game that anyone could play.

Sad Satan is the first ever game to be discovered from the Deep Web, a part of the Internet that’s de-indexed by Google and you’d need the help of special tools to get access to.

Sad Satan isn’t your typical game, though. It’s more of an experimental platform in which you can’t tell if you’re moving or not, taking one path or more, or even see much.

The game isn’t very sophisticated – with low quality graphics and messy audio. But this adds an eerie feeling to the game. It’s made rudimentary, but rudimentary in a creepy way.

As Patricia Hernandez writes for Kotaku:

“Sad Satan is remarkably unsettling, even if you’re just watching the game being played on YouTube. Partially, it’s the audio, which works wonders for setting up a creepy tone. But in some ways, the crudeness of the game is exactly what makes it so potent. It adds authenticity. Horror is not a genre that revels in polish. It’s often defined by rawness, by its sharp edges. This is why found footage horror movies are a thing. This is also why early survival horror games with shitty controls still managed to become classics. Horror is messy, in the same way real life is messy. It’s ordinary, in the same way real life is ordinary. Which means it could happen to you.”

As the hunt continues to decode the messages throughout the game,  a Reddit user named _cooI has begun a thread where a team has identified almost each piece of the Sad Satan puzzle.

Codes throughout the game show up through unsettling images of Satanic rituals, symbols (like the Sabbatic Goat) and even prolific child abusers like Jimmy Savile. As for audio, you can hear Stairway To Heaven by Led Zeppelin being played slow and backwards – which sounds like a Satanic chant especially with the phrase “There was a little toolshed where he made us suffer, sad Satan.”

“The game surrounds you with delusions, severe paranoia and most importantly, images of trauma from ritualistic abuse that they are not trying to scare you with but inform you of. Because of the nature of this, ‘Sad Satan’ may actually be a campaign to denounce Ritualistic Abuse for the public, but it’s much too soon to know.”

Towards the end of Farrell’s third video, a famous monologues by Charles Manson start playing and after he says, “If I started murdering people, there’d be none of you left,” a screen with codes appears. People on Reddit tried to decode their meaning, and these are just a small portion of the messages:

Farrell is currently in contact with the original subscriber who knew on which forum Sad Satan first appeared on and is trying to find the original copy of the game. If he doesn’t find a duplicate of the original game, we’re sadly left with only these 5 videos. Hopefully, with time we can discover more clues about Sad Satan and maybe even the game’s creator will reveal himself from the dark corners of the deep web.

Until then, we’ll just have to be patient and hope that we figure out this game’s true meaning, no matter how unsettling. Here’s a video of the first part of Sad Satan from Farrell’s channel – but remember to watch with caution!


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