Strong Women Would Rather Be Alone Than Waste Their Time With Assholes

We’re not saying that dating isn’t awesome and fun, but sometimes we come to a realization that it’s just a waste of time. All those times you waited by the phone for a call from him. All those failed relationships and ghosting. All because some guy was a literal asshole.

And you know what? You don’t need guys like that!

You see, you can’t wait for someone to respect you. You don’t need someone who asks you to change who you are or just brings you to tears because of his lies.

Yes, he’s got broad shoulders and a jaw line like Brad Pitt, so you decide to give him a chance. You pat yourself on the shoulder and think to yourself, “Nobody’s perfect.” Yes, I agree with that but cheating and lying are a choice. A man cheats on you because HE DECIDES to. You definitely don’t need that.

Speaking from my personal experience, all the “hot ones” are jerks. That’s why I decided to take some time off and focus on myself. Focus until I find a genuine guy that would accept me for me. Being alone doesn’t mean your lonely. In fact, being single is a pretty great thing.

No need to explain to anyone your whole days schedule, like what you ate and the crap your co-worker is talking about you. And sending an annoying selfie with under eye bags like Morticia Addams before you go to bed.

And one of the most important things — I don’t miss a guy. Being alone has been liberating, and I think to myself sometimes that if I were in a toxic relationship, I’d actually feel lonely (which was the case a lot of times).

I don’t need another “hottie” ghosting me, not answering my calls and disrespecting me. I need me. I need to conquer the world on my own and discover who I truly am.

I’m unstoppable. After all those assholes, bad breakups and toxic manipulations — I’m free. I’ve learned too much from my past mistakes to be fooled and played by another man.

To all the women that have had a jerk in their lives (and I know a bunch of you have), I’m telling you: You are powerful and deserve more! You don’t by any means need a man to show you the world or help you get successful — especially not the jerks that have burned you in the past.

Happiness is much more than dating. Don’t be afraid to be single. For everything in your life — you only need one person, and that’s YOU.

Spend some time alone, indulge in good food, travel to new places — life is short. You don’t want to waste your time, do you? Wasting your time and energy on jerks isn’t going to be a positive direction for you.


“You yourself, as much as anybody in the whole universe, deserve your love and affection.” Each of us only have a finite amount of time and energy in life, and if we do not love ourselves, then how can anyone else really love who we are? – Buddha

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  1. I would much rather smell my time alone, because I won’t lie, cheat, steal on myself, let a lone any body else. I’m married & my husband got the riot act, 3 nights in a row. He was mouthing me something terrible, judging & then denied it. If he wants his walking papers I will gladly set him free. When anything keeps causing me to frown or feel sick I know it’s time to set myself free of it!! He told me, he will stop, he wants to stay married. He knows where he stands with me & that I will never step out on him. He knows my values & it’s about time he admits what I do instead of always putting me & my work down.

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