Science Reveals The Major Benefit Of Dating Younger Women

Men have tried everything to look and feel younger, including buying sports cars, getting hair transplants, opting for plastic surgery, and trading-in their rusty ball-and-chain for a shackle made of leather and lace. Only one of the above actions seems to hold any real promise… robbing the cradle.

The Max Planck Institute reports that men who marry women anywhere from seven to twenty years their junior, enjoy a longer, presumably, healthier life. In fact, the younger these women were, the older he could expect to live. For instance, let’s say the average age of a man is 70. A man who marries a woman 7 to 9 years younger will live 11 percent longer, which averages out to about 7.7 additional years. However, if he can snag a cutie 17 to 19 years his junior, he will live 20 percent longer, which increases his mortality to 84 years.

According to these studies, the alternative of marrying a cougar only resulted in an early death for both the men and women (not much of a surprise if you consider living with your mom for the next 30 years).

The researchers attempted to find a reason for this phenomenon, and came up with a few suggestions. One, the younger women were hand-picking these guys because they could sense they were healthy, viral, and destined to live longer. Two, these younger women were better able to take care of these older guys, and thus helped them to live on a few extra years. Three (and this is strictly our own idea), these dudes probably had a lot of money, and one hell of a good reason to live (see above photos for additional proof)!

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