How To Recognize Spirit Orbs In Photos (And Find Out What Their Color Means)


It’s no secret that spiritual entities love showing up in photos. Have you ever asked yourself why? Well, the answer is pretty simple: the camera captures things that our eyes can’t.

Spiritual orbs are ball shaped lights that appear in photos very often. It’s sometime difficult to distinguish an orb from a dust particle, however.

So, we’re going to discuss the basics about spirit orbs, what they mean and how to recognize them in photos.

What’s exactly is a Spirit orb though?

Spirit orbs a circle shaped forms of light that are captured in photos. They are balls of energies that can be an Angel, nature Spirit, ghost, spiritual guided or balls of psychic energy. They come in different colors as well — and each color has a meaning.

Are all orbs Spiritual Entities?

Not all the time. This is why it’s important that you can distinguish an orb from a speck of pollen, dust, or any other airborne particle. If a Spiritual orb appears in your photo, it’s believed to be a sacred message.

How to distinguish a Spirit orb from an airborne particle?

  • You have a high intuitive sense that’s signaling you that that’s a Spirit in the photo.
  • The thicker and brighter the orb is, the bigger the likelihood that it’s a Spirit orb.
  • Spirit orbs may have one or more outer rings around them. If you see such rings, it’s most likely a Spirit entity.
  • Dust particles always appear in just one color while Spirit orb can appear in a wide array of them.
  • Flash photography tends to capture dust particles that might appear like orbs at first.


What’s important to remember is that these are any scientific standard when determining an orb. In fact, the is no science for it. At the end of the day, your intuition is the strongest factor to determine this.

The meaning of different orb colors.

Lighter color orbs

These orbs can range from pale white, to silver, yellow, grayish or even see-through colors. The lighter colored orbs are considered to be Spirits trying to communicate with you. These can be Angels or even a close person that has recently passed away. All in all, they are a positive Divine message.

Green orbs

Green orbs are a sign that you are being contact by a Spirit Guide or Angel that’s very connected with nature. They can also be a sign of a healing energy.

Blue orbs

These are definite signs of an Angel. Blue orbs have the ability to protect you and can also be a sign of your Guardian Angel watching over you. They can intentionally appear in your photos to let you know that you’re on the right path.

Red/Orange orbs

These orbs are Spirits that are very protective of the land where the photo was taken. Another case can be that the Spirit feels connected to that land or space and is watching over it.

Dark orbs

These are tougher to see, and they are usually blackish or brown. Dark orbs are considered to be Souls with a lower vibration that are stuck. This means that they have lower amounts of energy which is keeping them from moving on their journey.

Have you ever seen orbs in a photo? Which color was it? Comment below to share your experiences and please share this article.





  1. My sister’s outdoor cam recently captured similar pics of my house. Not all were orbs but different shaped and sizes. We zoomed in on one that was oblong and it had several lights inside it. Also there was a very large (4’x5′) what looked like a smiley face over my window. Unfortunately the pics were accidentally deleted, there were hundreds of them. I thought they were angels but after reading this I don’t know.

    1. I saw three orange ones circle the outside of my 6 sided tent. I was lying down looking at the peak of the tent and three orange orbs the size of quarters circled once and disappeared. They were sharp edged not fuzzy. Then I heard a baby crying down by the creek after that. No babies were on this 80 acres.

  2. Me and hubby have twice seen a lot of white orbs both in our kitchen and our back yard on our CCTV camera one in the kitchen even flew past the camera

  3. I can see the orbs with the naked eye, without the camera. Blue, white, orange and red, in the daytime or nightime, and sometimes they make a sound when they apperar and disappear. It’s good to know their meaning 🙂

  4. This is a very limited simplistic explanation of Orbs. For one the circular light is an emanation so to speak, not the full actual being. It’s the way the digital camera captures subtle beings normally not visible to the naked eye. So the Orb emanation is like a frequency – no indication of the size, shape, or otherwise of the individual it’s picked up on.

  5. At the Oregon coast, on the day of the solar eclipse I took a photo of my friend. Surrounding her are beautiful orbs of red, orange and yellow and even a big yellow orb with a red circle surrounding it. There are about 10 orbs altogether!

  6. Yes, in a couple of pictures on evening at a friend’s house house. Just the pictures with all of our children together. Several lorge light colored white orbs above our children’s heads and I think the other pic the orbs were off to the side. One pic two orbs, the other pick more than three or four. I still have the pics somewhere, just have to find them.

  7. Another time was last year and recently let a friend move in. She was videoing her cat in her bedroom when she suddenly called out to me and said look at this in my phone… The video was full of orbs!

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