People Who Like To Be Alone Have These 6 Special Personality Traits

Many people seem to mix up the terms for being lonely and being a loner. A loner is a person who prefers to be in solitude. These people enjoy the company of just a few friends, and being alone with themselves is just another adventure in life.

Contrary to lonely people, loners never do feel lonely. Solitude fulfills them as it becomes a new realm for them to discover themselves better. Loners are highly self-aware individuals and see things from a higher perspective.

And being friends with one isn’t an every chance. They select their friends carefully in order to avoid fake people. Here are the main 6 characteristics which loners share:

1. They have firm boundaries.

Loners have firm and protective boundaries they always have their eyes on. This is what helps them set strong values for themselves. They know that they aren’t lonely, and even if they were the last person on  Earth, they’d still remain positive.

If you respect their boundaries, they will respect yours. And if you try to cross them, they’ll let you know. Faithfulness is very important to them.

2. They are loyal.

Loners aren’t sick for attention like most people. But something that they do crave are loyal friends. A loner is probably the most loyal friend you’ll ever have. They gladly give their true friends are helping hand and always value them.

They exercise these traits with friends, relationships, family — everywhere they make a connection.

3. They are open-minded.

Even if they prefer solitude, this doesn’t mean they’re not opened. They are go-getters and enjoy various activities and always come up with new exciting ideas. A loner doesn’t spend their life between 4 walls.

They also like to try new things to see if they’re missing out on something. However, they do like to be alone before starting up an activity that involves more people.

4. They are level-headed.

Loners are tough and can make it through the hardest of times. Their alone time gives them the opportunity to self-reflect and have the willpower to make it in stressful situations.

They usually take the time to be alone and recharge during such stress. This helps them rationally analyze the situation and figure out a plan.

5. They are self-aware.

While many people tend to avoid their emotions and thoughts, loners focus on them. This offers them the ability to be fully aware of themselves. And it’s an important characteristic they possess to have success in life.

Knowing themselves well helps them understand other people better. Even though depressive thoughts happens to everyone, loners know how to navigate through them.

6. They value time.

Time is one of the most, if not most, important things to loners. They are well aware that time is an asset which drives success. They put major effort to value other people’s time, avoid being late and don’t allow anyone to waste theirs.

They also avoid fake behaviors and stay away from shallow people whom cannot bring a benefit to their life. Overall, respecting time with a loner should be mutual, and you can expect a genuine friendship or partner.

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  1. All the traits of the loner is me… I prefer to be alone than have people involved in my life as they complicate it.
    I do have 2 girlfriends that I share my time with, one lives here in town and we have been friends since 10th grade and my girlfriend in Calgary, we started 9th grade together. I don’t have time for people as I don’t trust most.
    I am proud to say I am a loner, and thank you for the information about me…

  2. I like to be alone and I’m proud that I am a a loner.
    I appreciate firm boundaries, think outside the box, always honest and loyal, value time, and that’s why I used to come pretty earlier to my appointments, I have intrapersonal wisdom -as I call it 😛 – and unfortunately I get along with difficult situations.
    you did a nice essay about it.! thanx

  3. Yes it’s me, ime a loner since i was still young that’ s only the momments i felt ifound myself in my real world of dreams creativity plans firmed determination and most oall my spiritual strenght

  4. I lost my best friend 5 years ago and there is no one that I can turn to but I am finding that I get very claustrophobic around people now and prefer my own company. My children can’t understand it but my life is my own and I live it my way. Can’t ask for more than that. I know women who can’t be alone and have even had three husbands. I got rid of one and one was enough. Now it’s my life under my terms.

  5. I am close to a loner, but not completely. I’m quite content to be a lone, but too much gives me a case of very tough blues. I stay away from phony nasty people. Do not like people wasting my time & people waste my time all the time to the point it makes me nearly sick. I have isolated myself, because I totally lost my trust in people. It’s true my friendship is loyal & you won’t get non better. Lastly, when things just get too darn much, I get so weak & don’t even pick up my feet. It just happen the other day & it took just about 24 hours to recoup & re energize. Once again uncaring people caused this. People are so nasty & only care about themselves. I have been victimized & frauded in a hospital & caught the elderly being abused in that hospital. I reported it & nobody cares to do a thing about it. Makes me feel helpless, which steals my energy. Happens all the time. Can’t stand people, embarrass to say I’m one. Would rather be a unicorn!!

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