It’s Official: Being Single Is Considered A Disability From Now On (For A Great Reason)


As Telegraph recently reported, The World Health Organization (WHO) will be adding something unbelievable to their disability list: BEING SINGLE. From now on they will be classifying single men and women as infertile. But there’s a reason for this. As crazy as this may seem, the WHO knows why they’re doing this.

This controversial claim has stirred anger in people. Pro-life activist, Josephine Quintavalle, who is also the director of Comment on Reproductive Rights is frustrated to hear such absolute nonsense and also says that WHO’s redefinition of infertility is completely side-lining human biological processes, not to mention forgetting about the significance of natural human intercourse.

She argued that science has gone too far and that it’s only a matter of time until people start ordering babies made in a lab.

The WHO responded to this and said that the new definition for disability will include every type of person in order to form equality. This way they believe everyone will have the right to have their own family. This implies not only to heterosexual couples, but also homosexual and single men and women. The WHO firmly believes that any individual has the right to reproduce, no matter if they have a partner or not. This can mean big news in countries which governments cover patients’ in vitro fertilization (IVF) costs.


This classification will alter the system completely, and countries are bound to follow the rules. Healthcare would now have a bigger group of qualifying people.

As great as this may seem, single people don’t really “match”¬†with anything stated in the American Disabilities Act. This act defines disability as a person with a physical or mental impairment that substantially is limited to perform one or more life activities, a person with a history with such an impairment, or a person that is perceived by others to have an impairment.¬†

The American Disabilities Act however doesn’t list all of the disabilities that fall under there definition which offers space for them to accept the WHO’s new classification.

After all, having children is the most important thing on Earth. The WHO has rolled up their sleeves to include more equality, understanding that this is a very important step for people all around the world. Hopefully, more people would have access to IVF procedures that would be governmentally funded. This will be a major leap forward for many countries around the world.

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