NASA Just Built A Spaceship That Takes People To Mars (And It’s Launching Very Soon!)


Human space exploration has been featured in many movies and books, but in reality it has always seemed like a distant dream. But NASA has good news, traveling to Mars will soon become a reality for humankind thanks to their latest development. It seems like there is hope that we will visit the red planet during this lifetime!

You can call the Spaceship Orion

Orion is the name of the spaceship that NASA developed for carrying humans to Mars. According to NASA contractor, Lockheed Martin, when the spaceship was powered for the first time there were no issues and everything went surprisingly smooth.

The spaceship has high-tech computers on board that light up and help coordinate the craft through the vacuum of space. This technology represents the heart and soul of the craft. NASA will be testing and adding more software and hardware components to the spaceships computer system that’ll power-up it even more.


Orion is the first spaceship designed for deep space missions since the Apollo missions back in the 70’s. It’s created to take humanity further than ever to reach new heights.

Nobody has gotten this far

The private sector has been pouring billions into creating a spaceship that’ll carry humans to Mars, but NASA claims no one has made a greater development than them. On the other hand, Elon Musk is set to reveal special news around his private space exploration company, Space X, who has been working hard on a project to create the first human colony on Mars.

Jeff Bezos, the head of Blue Origin, is working on his first spaceship that’ll carry cargo to the moon. Who knows, maybe they’re secretly working on a Mars project, too. But no matter the race, NASA is the only one that put humans on the moon so they pretty much know a thing or two about human space exploration.

It’s launching soon

Orion is currently being tested to figure out the functionality of their major elements. These tests are being conducted without a human crew on flight due to possible complications that may occur in this early stage. Key elements that are being tested are the Orion’s heat shield, that shows if the craft will be able to endure entering Earth’s atmosphere from deep space at high speed. This shield is going to be experiencing temperatures over 4,000 degrees Fahrenheit.

The official launch with astronauts on-board is scheduled for early 2020  from the Kennedy Space Center in FLorida. The astronauts will be traveling exploring an asteroid that orbits the moon. It’s expected that the first crew and astronauts will explore space in 2021.

Currently, the astronauts that are abroad the International Space Station are helping us understand how to keep the human body safe for long times in space and other precautions which will help the crew that will board the first flight to Mars.

This journey will require big risks and push new boundaries. Like Neil Armstrong once said on the moon, “One small step for man, one giant leap for mankind” only this time, NASA will bring mankind to an even bigger leap, to Mars. 

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