Men Who Marry Smart Women Live Longer

According to a new study, women with brains should be on the top of mens lists, that is, if they want to live a long life. This new research continues to say that being married to a smart woman can help reduce the chances of men getting dementia.

Professor Lawrence Whalley, in a recent talk, explains:

“The thing a boy is never told he needs to do if he wants to live a longer life – but what he should do – is marry an intelligent woman.  There is no better buffer (to dementia) than intelligence.”

The research was conducted in the University of Aberdeen. The scientists thoroughly researched the health of two identical twins and found a very important factor that affected their health – a smart wife!

They found that men that married smarter women live longer lives and have a smaller chance of getting Dementia or developing Alzheimer’s.

From previous research, it has been found that mind games and crossword puzzles help ward off dementia and Alzheimer’s because they stimulate the brain and promote increased activity. In a way, it makes sense that a smart wife that mentally challenges her husband can give off this same effect.

Another shocking discovery was found in the brain scans of married men with brainy brides. Even though the brain scans showed signs of dementia, the patients (married men) didn’t suffer from any of its symptoms. In fact, they were found to be highly intelligent.

It’s Important For Men And Women To Value A Woman Over Her Brains, Not Beauty

This is a highly debated topic in society and has been tricky business. It’s important to tell smart young girls that brains is beauty, and this will empower them and accept themselves to take pride in their intelligence. And men who choose brains over beauty will have a long lasting relationship with their wives, filled with mental challenges and everything else that’s not shallow. They’ll also learn to be more supportive of their daughters. Not only does science prove that men would live longer and healthier, but society would benefit of it as well.

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