What the Mathematically Perfect Female Butt Is, According to Science

Pop quiz: What makes a perfect butt? The answer varies, of course. While some may say size, others might argue shape. Now, science wants in on the debate. In fact, according to researchers, whether or not you have a grade-A booty boils down to one magic number. Read on below.

Formula. As the Daily Mail reports, scientists believe they have created a precise mathematical formula that can identify the world’s most perfect derrieres. And as it turns out, it all boils down to one number: the ratio between the waist and the hips.

The number. According to the scientists, the number is a ratio of 0.7. This number, as the Daily Mail points out, is the same ratio that stars like Sophia Loren and Marilyn Monroe had. Not to mention Elizabeth Taylor too!

Celebrities. Today, a number of celebrities have the ratio—or at least, sort of have it. As the Daily Mail notes, British actress Rosie Huntington-Whitele comes in at 0.71 with a 25-inch waist and 35-inch hips. Meanwhile, Beyonce boasts a ratio of 0.65, sporting a 26-inch waist and 40-inch hips.

The study. For their findings, scientists surveyed 583 plastic surgeons and 450 members of the public in a whopping 40 countries, the Daily Mail reports. The participants were shown photographs of a 27-year-old volunteer model.

Image. The image was digitally modified to create a plethora of different body types. The conclusion? Overall, the researchers said 39 percent of the study subjects found the 0.7 waist to hip ratio “to be their ideal.” Interesting.

Female beauty. Writing in the journal “Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery,” the authors state that “of all body parts, across many cultures and time, the buttocks have endured as a key body element of female beauty.” They add, “There seems to exist a global consensus regarding the ideal waist to hip ratio.”

Health. That said, waist to hip ratio isn’t just a measure of beauty— things go far beyond that. In fact, according to doctors, waist to hip ratio is a good measure of health as well. The more you know…

Beauty. Across the 40 countries, measures of beauty varied. Surgeons in Latin American preferred bigger behinds, followed by doctors in Asia, North America, and Europe, the Daily Mail reports. Meanwhile, previous studies have also found 0.7 to be the magic number.

Previous research. In 2010, Dr. Barnaby Dixson, an anthropologist from New Zealand, carried out a similar study. The research also involved showing subjects digitally altered photographs, the Daily Mail reports.

More research. In separate research, Elizabeth Cashdan of Utah University discovered that Playboy centerfold models also approached the ratio with a median of 0.68. Of course, not everyone falls in this window. Seemingly, butt argumentation has become an increasingly popular procedure in recent years.

The study’s authors explain that the numbers of butt enhancements have increased by more than 20 percent between 2015 and 2017. As the Daily Mail points out, augmentation can be carried out in two ways: fat transfer and implants.

Opinion. Science aside, not everyone agrees with the study’s findings. Over on the Daily Mail, one user wrote, “Ridiculous. Big butts are not perfect. Men love perky little bubble butts—mind the gap!” Meanwhile, another added: “These scientists were definitely not derriere fans. That’s a phact.”

source: Rebel Circus

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