Iranian Woman Has Reportedly Undergone 50 Surgeries In Order To Look Like Angelina Jolie

A young 19 year-old Iranian woman by the name of Sahar Tabar has just done something shocking to her face. She has undergone over 50 plastic surgeries to look like her idol, Angelina Jolie. As horrific as this may seem, she felt that the surgeries weren’t enough for her to look like Angelina, so she lost 80 pounds of weight as well.

It’s unknown how she was able to cover the cost of the plastic surgeries. The Belgium news site “Sud Info” initially reported this shocking story which was immediately picked up by global news sites around the world.

Photos of Tabar quickly spread and many people were comparing her to a zombie, saying that she looks like Corpse Bride rather Angelina. Here are the pictures and we’ll let you decide if she looks like Angelina Jolie. Tabar still hasn’t publicly commented regarding her plastic surgery procedures and if the photos are authentic. We’ll wait to hear from her soon.

Tabar before the plastic surgery procedures…

And after…

Even though many believe that she has gotten plastic surgery, it seems as if she’s using makeup to manipulate her facial features. The photos on Tabar’s Instagram account, which massively has over 400,000 followers, received hateful comments such as “Her: Doc make me look like an 8 month old corpse. Doc: Say no more.”

Many of her followers believe that she is using makeup and computer editing to achieve this type of look. Some photos seem distorted and overly-edited.

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Source: The Sun

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