If Your Man Doesn’t Do Any Of These 11 Things, He Doesn’t Deserve You


Most men aren’t quite adept at expressing their feelings. That’s a fact. They’ve always been more comfortable with deeds and actions than attempting to convey complex emotional states they already feel uncomfortable examining. This is due to the fact that men are raised to be strong and the “rock of the family”. Whenever their friends, family or lovers are in pain or danger, they always retreat to them. They find it very difficult to be vulnerable and pour out their soul.

Nevertheless, it’s quite obvious when they have opened their hearts to someone and let someone in.

Here are some signs that his heart truly belongs to you.

1. He is really excited when he sees you

He might have had a difficult day at work or he may just be super tired, but he always smiles from ear to ear when he sees you. You illuminate his life and you should be proud of it!

2. He respects your opinions

Whether it’s his clothes, haircut or something trivial, he will always listen to what you have to say. He really cherishes your opinion about his decisions.

3. He is proud of you

He treats you like a goddess and brags about you and your successes in life to everyone.

4. He patiently listens to you

Girls are definitely known for talking endlessly about everything with their partners. However, if a guy is very interested in you, he will listen to even the most boring thing you have to say. He will never complain that you talk too much because he loves you and appreciates you.


5. He lets you take up most space in the bed

He won’t complain if you take up most of the space on the bed, even if that means he has to squeeze in a tiny spot himself. Now that man is a keeper!

6. He remembers important dates

If he knows all the important dates like anniversaries and birthdays, it means your significant other really cares about you.

7. He’s always there to help you

He is always there to ease your everyday life, whether you’re sick or you simply need help with groceries. He will look after you, no matter what!

8. He constantly surprises you

It is the little things in life that bring us true happiness. Therefore, he doesn’t have to do anything grand. If he just surprises you with cupcakes that you really like, that’s a sign that your man is head over heels for you.

9. He supports your interests

If he supports all your ambitions and decisions, makes the time to be with you when you decide to spend the evening watching a movie, going shopping or spending the day at the spa, he’s definitely fallen for you.

10. He maintains the romance

He doesn’t want to just sleep with you. In fact, he loves keeping the romance alive by spending quality time with you in many other ways.

11. He’s protective of you


He’s your man and he will protect you from everything. This doesn’t mean that he will beat up every guy that speaks to you, but he definitely won’t let anyone offend you or hurt you in some way.

source: Readlly.com

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