Fitness model reveals how she went from ‘skinny’ to the ‘Girl with the Iron Bum’ in a workout video filmed from BEHIND

Instagram has just been shook by the fitness model Bakhar Nabieva and her “iron bum.” She’s only 22, and lives in a small Ukranian city but her gains have wowed the world and inspired fitness junkies everywhere. One of her videos have even gone viral and has gotten over 500,000 views.

Bakhar is of Azerbaijani origin and has a unique look. She says that at a child she had very skinny legs and has worked very hard to look this way. “Once I first saw muscle definition, I was unstoppable,” Bakhar Nabieva says.

As a child, her classmates made fun of her. She decided to take matters into her own hands and start going to the gym. At first, she had no clue what to eat and how to exercise. But her initial changes in the beginning of her fitness journey gave her enough motivation to up her fitness and diet routine to the maximum.

Ever since she came to Instagram she was named the girl with the iron bum. And it’s true, her physique resembles one of a superhero!

She’s grown a massive fan base and many media sources have claimed that Bakhar has curves that even the Earth can stand on. Her unique physique and angelic face has made her an Internet sensation. She’s even been a hit at weight lifting competitions.

Many comments from her fans are full of support. She gets many comments like “Oh my goooooooooooooooood” or “Keep up the great work!!”

Her social media fame isn’t limited to Instagram, she’s been receiving tons of subscribers and loyal fans on YouTube as well. We have to say that Bakhar Nabieva is pure motivation and proves that anyone can build an impressive physique with tons of hard work. Her iron bum says it all!

Here’s a video of Bakhar Nabieva that has gained viral attention on social media. Her dreamy physique gives us even more motivation to workout at the gym and keep track with our diet.

Source: Daily Mail

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