How Your Finger Shape Determines Your Personality (And Health Issues)


As shocking as this may seem, you can find out a lot about a person just by looking at the shape of their fingers. No matter how silly this sounds, it’s actually completely true! Just take a look at the picture below and try to choose which one matches your fingers. Are you type A, B or C? You can also check a friend’s or family member’s shape to find out more about their personality, too!


Type A

You tend to keep things to yourself and don’t show your feelings effortlessly. You aim to be stronger than you really are when you’re around people. You also like to be seen as an independent individual.

Because you’re an emotional soul, once you feel a connection with someone you feel complete and fulfilled.

You hate lies, hypocrisy and dishonest behavior because you are a very truthful individual.

Even though you’re emotional, you try to appear bold and strong in front of others, making you very reserved.

You can a tad bit eccentric and even arrogant at times, simply because you don’t tolerate things easily.

You have the heart of a lion, and always help others whenever you can. You stick to your word and finish any task as promised, no matter if it appeals to you or not.

You tend to be distant and unemotional with people that you don’t know, but tend to be overly warm and emotional with the ones closest to you.

Type B

You’re not the one that takes the first step when taking action.

You are loyal to the bone. If you fall in love with someone, you focus on them fully and always think about them.

You are a sensitive soul, even though it may not appear like that at times. It’s common that people can get the wrong idea about you, simply because you are being protective about someone’s feelings.


Once you set your mind to something, you go and pursue it fully. You are a very committed person and do your best to finish all your goals to the very end.

You’re protective about yourself because you’re scared of getting hurt. You give off a signal to people that you don’t need anyone, but deep down inside you dream of finding your soul mate.

You have the power to remain calm even during the most uncomfortable situations.

Type C

You don’t know how to hold a grudge and easily forgets what makes you upset.

You aren’t very adventurous and don’t feel comfortable with new and undiscovered territories.

You respect other people’s opinions.

Due to your high ego, you can come off as bossy at times. But if you argue with someone, you’re usually the one first to apologize.

You are closed and keep your feelings and problems confined within you.

You are very direct and always state your opinions about what you like and dislike. You also love when people can trust you and ask for your advice.

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