FBI Shares Statistics: Which Zodiac Signs Are Most Dangerous?

So much has been written about Zodiac signs, like “Leos are to proud, Aries never forgive..” and etc. But what if the stars can show us something deeper than this. Well, it turns out they can. The FBI has collected some compelling stats that will make you think twice before getting too close to a certain Zodiac sign.

We’re going to reveal to you the most dangerous Zodiac signs based on the data that the FBI has put together. They researched the birth dates of some of the most notorious criminals, and found overlapping patterns between specific Zodiac signs with certain types of crime. Below, we’ve rounded up the specific crimes that all Zodiac signs would commit. Not only that, but we’ve also placed them in order from the least to most dangerous star signs.

12. You usually would think that people under Gemini are dangerous, but it turns out they are the least dangerous!

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The bare truth is that they wouldn’t harm a fly, let alone get blood on their hands. Gemini people hate violence and if they really want to kill a person, they’d most likely just bore them to death. Now this doesn’t surprise me and it does make complete sense.

11. Aquarius is the second most innocent sign!


This sign is all about getting justice served and they have pretty strong egos. We really don’t understand why people in Gemini are the second most innocent sign though. Maybe they outsmart the feds and hide their evidence really well?

10. Leos are all roar and no kill. These cats don’t scratch!


The FBI also noted in their statistics that if a Leo does commit murder, they don’t know how to hide it well and attract a lot of attention. Typical Leo, don’t you agree?

9. Libras are smart, quiet and kind… oh, and they kill more than Leos and Aquarius. 


As patient as Libras tend to be, you can expect them to snap if you pass their boundaries. Takeaway: Don’t take advantage of a Libras good intentions!

8. Your typical psycho who cleans well after a good kill: Virgo!


Virgos are you typical killer, and they know how to avoid being caught. They do their best to remove all evidence and traces. So, take a note to not get a Virgo mad.

7. You might want to double-think if Pisces people are as cute as you thought…


Famous “Killer Clown” John Wayne Gacy was a Pisces, along with Richard Ramirez and Aileen Wuornos. People in Pisces are known for the most gruesome murders known to man.

6. Even though the total number of killers in Capricorn are minimum, the most horrid killer with the most amount of murders was a Capricorn!


Our advice: don’t piss a Capricorn off! They are known to respect laws and rules, but when they get mad, they’re unpredictable. These people don’t kill often. But if they decide to, they’ll go all the way.

5. People in Aries are known to be crazy. No surprise.


They might get angry really fast, but it doesn’t last long. This is why Aries takes the number 5 spot on this list. But if you piss one off, make sure to stay away from them for a while so they can cool off.

4. Taurus is pretty intense, but is more likely to commit fraud rather than murder.


They like luxury and the nice things in life, so they can’t help themselves…

3. And now finally the top 3! Sagittarius takes 3rd place.


Nope, these people do big scale crimes. Think Pablo Escobar, Stalin, Ted Bundy… they were all Sagittarius. They like to call themselves “leaders” for crimes of mass proportion.

2. Scorpios are official psychos and take the number 2 spot! 


Most serial killers were born in November and the majority of them were Scorpios. They’re pretty brutal and are known as one of the most sadistic murderers.

1. And the first spot is *drum roll* Cancer! This is surprising!!


They usually kill because of jealousy. Their mood swings seem to cause trouble!

We hope for the world where all star signs can live in peace!

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