Every Person Should Watch Out For These 3 Mind Games Toxic People Play


You sometimes may question yourself if you have a toxic person in your life. Often we are blinded to realize who this person is who’s draining all of our energy. Here are the 3 mind games that EVERY toxic person plays.

Also, once you discover who this person is in your life, don’t try changing them. You can’t change a toxic person unless you are a professional psychologist. So please don’t waste your energy. Just pick yourself up and leave the damaging relationship.

1. They try to gain control over you.

Toxicity revolves around one main thing, and that’s control. In order to drain someones energy, they need to gradually gain control over them. If you’ve noticed that someone can elicit a certain answer from you, then this is a sign that they’re working on gaining control over you.

One thing’s for certain, if they can’t easily control you, they’ll double the level of their game. Just try to see if you’re satisfying someone with your actions or responses. On the contrary, if they can’t be able to manipulate you, they’ll just go on to the next person. They literally feed off of control and manipulation, so watch out for this.


2. They try to make you always feel guilty.

Have you ever had a “friend” or “partner” that was always right? And you were always “wrong”? Well, only toxic people do this. No one can be always right while someone else is always guilty. By playing this card, they feel more superior and feed off of this energy.

They try their best to bring you down, criticize you and even call you horrible names. When you suck up enough courage to confront them, they manipulate you into thinking that it’s your fault. Let’s say your partner is toxic and you tell them, “You need to stop this, I don’t like what you’re doing.” They will manipulate you into thinking that you’re causing this ‘dialogue’ and can even lead you to believe untrue statements like, “You’re frigid.” just to use you more.

3. The shame game.

Another big game they play is shaming people. But why? Well, it’s pretty clear. Toxic people feel better about their issues and complexes when they shame other people. They will do their best to bring such a miserable environment into your life.

A common game they play is to wait and catch you. They are just waiting for you to make a mistake and shame you. For instance, you can mention to them that you’re spiritual and they can make you feel ashamed of your spiritual beliefs.

They also do another thing, and that’s disqualifying. After shaming you relentlessly, they can say “Oh, I was just joking!” or “Omg, you’re too sensitive.” Don’t buy into this. It’s just a tactic they use to hurt you twice. First, by shaming then by disqualifying. Pretty sick.

One thing to have in mind.

Please consider all of the above mentioned examples that every toxic person uses. Also, have in mind that a toxic person can be under the influence of another toxic person. If you’re not a trained therapist and if they aren’t seeking help, I suggest you to not waste your time. Remember, you are your most prized possession and worth so much more than this.

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