[Disturbing Photos]: The Real Woman That Inspired The Exorcism Of Emily Rose Is 100 Times Scarier Than The Movie

If you’re an avid horror movie fan, there’s no doubt that you’ve watched The Exorcism of Emily Rose. The story was actually based on the real life story of the German woman Anneliese Michel, who was said to be possessed by a total of 6 demons!

Although the opinions are divided on whether Anneliese was truly possessed or rather just had epilepsy, the real life photos of her moments of possession send chills down my spine.

Anneliese started to feel a repulsion towards religious objects and even spoke in languages that she never knew. Her mother sought for help from the Catholic Church, who was ultimately convinced that her daughter was possessed by a demonic entity. The real-life photos of her alleged possession are scarier than any Hollywood movie, leaving you haunted after just a glimpse.

Care too see? 

She experienced her first signs of epilepsy and social stigma at 16.

Back in 1968, it was just an ordinary day at school when Anneliese entered a trance-like state according to her friends. She never remembered this event and later had similar occurrences, which led her to wet her bed at night.

She was brought to a hospital a year later in order to receive a diagnosis. The doctor wasn’t able to give her a diagnoses though. It was at the hospital where she experienced another trance-like state event, where she started to hear sounds and see different colors when looking at rosary. Dr. Von Haller then diagnosed her with epilepsy and prescribed her medications.

Anneliese didn’t believe she had epilepsy, rather that something was controlling her.

After she was diagnosed (temporal lobe epilepsy) and was taking her medications, she eventually returned to school. She was secluded and lonely, and continued to experience seizures. No one believed her, but she felt that her experiences weren’t epilepsy related. In 1973, while prayer, she experienced visions that led her to believe that she was possessed by the devil. This led her to seek help from the priest at the Catholic Church.

Her health began to deteriorate, behavior to change and she would even lick her own urine.

It was after she saw the devil in 1973 through a vision that her whole life escalated. She demonstrated odd behavior by eating bugs, licking her own urine and ripping her clothes. She was horrified by religious objects and holy water, demonstrating symptoms of demonic possession. Bear in mind that Anneliese was taking her recommended dosage of medications for epilepsy. Her family asked the Catholic Church multiple times for an exorcism, but they were denied each time.

Her exorcism was finally granted by the Church, and was to be done in utmost secrecy.

After she was examined, the Catholic Church had no denial that she was possessed. They planned a small, secretive exorcism to help Anneliese gain her life back. Priests Arnold Renz and Ernst Alt were chosen to perform the exorcism.

They had to perform over 60 exorcisms.

Fathers Renz and Alt had to do a total of 67 exorcisms over the span of 10 months! The interventions were one hour long, and they’ve made audio recordings of each. In the audio recordings that have been released, distorted voices and growls can be heard from Anneliese. Sadly, her body became to get weaker and health got worse.

Here are the recordings.

It was said that she was possessed by 6 demons.

The Fathers stated that during their religious interventions with Anneliese, they spoke to 6 different demons. They went by the names Nero, Lucifer, Judas Iscariot, Cain, Hitler and Fleischmann. It was thought later that Anneliese chose these names on purpose and has studied them in her Christian books. She also need to be restrained while exorcisms were performed on her, because she showed great strength.

There were reports that she even was chained down, even though she weighed barely 70 pounds. The court later reported that Anneliese was dehydrated and malnourished, and the autopsy reports claimed that she had multiple fractures on her body.

The Stigmata was seen before her death.

Before her death, the Fathers reported that they saw the stigmata appear on her body. These are wounds that are the same as those that Jesus endured on his hands and feet when he was placed on the cross. There is no evidence of these wounds.

Later the priests along with Anneliese’s parents were convicted for homicide and were found guilty.

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