[Confirmed]: If You Like This Drink Then You’re A Psychopath


What’s the worst a drink can do to you (except give you an unbearable hangover)? How about make you a psychopath? Well this isn’t just a bold statement. Scientists have just gotten proof that people who drink a specific alcoholic beverage are psychopaths! So watch out for these traits in people who drink this, because it might help you to spot a psychopath.

Psychopathy: the definition

Before we dive into this study, it’s important to understand what a psychopath actually is. A psychopath is a personality disorder which manifests in antisocial behavior, lack of empathy, no feeling of remorse and accompanied with overly-excessive egotistical traits.

This personality disorder is serious and should not be taken lightly. People that have psychopathic personality disorder often don’t take credit for their actions, have a hard time managing their behavior and tend to overvalue their worth. All this and the feeling of no remorse adds to their disturbed profile.

They have dark personalities

According to researchers from Innsbruck University in Austria, people who enjoy bitter drinks are more likely to experience psychotic tendencies as opposed to other sweeter alcoholic drinks of choice. The study went on to say that people who drank gin and tonic had dark personalities. This is the first study to link a specific psychological trait with a drink. These people in the study were called dark, cold, sadistic, selfish and self-serving. And not one, but two experiments were conducted to prove this shocking conclusion.

They are highly aggressive

After participants answered different questions, they were then classified among the “big five” personality traits. Those traits are: extroversion, agreeableness,¬†conscientiousness, openness and neuroticism. It turned out that people who had sadistic urges really liked the bitterness of gin and tonic. Is anybody else getting the goosebumps?


What about kind people who aren’t aggressive? Well, it turns out that they don’t like gin and tonic that much or any other bitter drink in fact. The fans of bitter drinks had a sense of sensation when they took a sip. People with dark personalities have an urge for sensation-seeking which gives them a sense of novelty, complexity and intensified bursts to take on change.

Bitterness thrills them

It is thought that bitterness also gives psychopaths a strong emotional feeling, which is among one of their most notable psychopathic traits. In the wild, wild plants have a bitter taste, which is directly linked to being poisonous. People that prefer bitter drinks and food are believed to gain a sense of thrill, as if what they just consumed was poisonous.


Interestingly enough, it was also found that people who preferred gin and tonic exhibited high hostile behavior. When they were asked how they would react  if someone provoked enough, they responded by immediately checking the boxes that said they enjoyed tormenting people and that they would hit someone. This study has helped us take better notes on people. You should have this in mind the next time you see a gin and tonic lover (he or she just might show these traits)!

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