Confirmed: Intelligent People Swear A Lot, Make Loads Of Mess And Go To Sleep Late

I can imagine the lines at MENSA after everyone relates to this and I even personally feel like signing up. 

If your parents always had to remind to wash your dishes, clean your room or to watch out dropping those F-bombs like it’s WWII, then you’re probably highly intelligent.

This sounds funny, but science has something to confirm here. Researchers state that people with high intellectual capacities aren’t concerned with the richness of their vocabularies or whether they swear a lot, go to bed early or are super tidy.

1. They swear like a trooper

It’s normal to say a swear word here and there, but using it often may sound distasteful. But a study says that swearing is linked with fluency and self-expression. This breaks the myth that swearing is a form of non-fluency. And intelligent people seem to swear very often.


It was also tested how many swear words the participants could name within a minute, and found a correlation between a high amount of swear words and intelligence. It takes a lot of neurons for that, I agree.

2. They are a hot mess

They live in their messy chaos, which in their eyes looks perfect. So from now on, don’t judge a person by their messy desk. In fact, a study from the University of Minnesota says that a messy desk is directly linked to higher intelligence.


The study suggests intelligent people don’t spend time cleaning and organizing because their mind is occupied with more important things. It’s also found that a messy environment helps generate new ideas.

Remember the time Fahlberg forgot to wash his hands after an experiment, and when he touched some bread he noticed that it was very sweet. His “organized chaos” led him to create the first artificial sweetener. How sweet.

3. They are like nocturnal creatures

Intelligent people have a hard time trying to go to bed early, an existing pattern that dates back from their early childhood. A study recently found a correlation between going to bed late and people’s IQ’s.


According to the study, children that went to bed late grew up to have higher IQ’s than other adults. The statistics proved that children with an IQ lower than 75 went to bed around 11:41 p.m. during the week and children with an IQ over 125 went to bed at around 12:30 a.m.

A lot of successful people grew up nocturnal like Winston Churchill, Charles Darwin, Thomas Edison and Elon Musk just to name a few. A cool fact is that owls have a high IQ, too.

So, if you relate to each point then keep on doing what your doing, because your brilliant brain deserves it. 

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