This Cat And Dog Love Travelling Together, And Their Pictures Are Absolutely Epic

Hiking couple Cynthia Bennett and her boyfriend had adopted a cute dog back in 2014. They almost adopted a different dog, until they saw Henry at an adoption event. Interestingly enough, Henry was pretty massive for a 14 week old dog. In fact, he was four times bigger in comparison to other dogs his age. Henry went crazy when he saw the couple, laying on his back, wagging his tail and getting free belly rubs. That’s when the couple knew that they should adopt Henry.

Cynthia told the Dodo that they took Henry on a hike 4 days after they adopted him. They were surprised by how much Henry enjoyed, as he found the steepest rock and climbed its top. That’s when the couple started calling Henry their little mountain goat.

After some time, the couple wanted to adopt another animal and give it the love it needs. They ended up rescuing a cute Siamese mixed kitten named Baloo. When they introduced Baloo and Henry with one another, it was history from there on. They enjoyed endless cuddles and playful chases.

And it take long to start taking Baloo along on their adventures. They aren’t sure how Baloo loved the outdoors this much, but Cynthia says that Baloo would go crazy as soon as they touch Henry’s leash.

Here are some amazing pictures of their trips together.

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Source: Bored Panda

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