The Brutal Truth About What Kind Of Drunk You Are Based On Your Zodiac Sign


Drinking sure knows how to bring some fun into our life (and drama). After a wild night, I often ask myself how did I look drunk. But what if you knew depending on your Zodiac sign? Well to your luck, we have the answers. Just approach this with caution, because the truth may hurt you.

1. Aries – #NoFilterNeeded

An Aries always loves to participate in drinking games and are so much fun to be with. They have the ability to make anyone laugh very hard. There is one thing that you have to be prepared when being in the presence of a drunk Aries: they have no filter with words. Be ready for the honest truth in the most direct way. Their drunk personality is so careless that their words can hurt even the strongest people.

2. Gemini – Won’t shut up

Not like they shut up when they’re not drunk, but they especially love talking when they’re intoxicated. They have the ability to listen to anyone and open their heart, not to mention they are masters at flirting. It’s common for them to get all emotional when they’re drunk, which could annoy people (especially the sober ones).

3. Pisces – The fearless drunk

Pisces are messy drinkers till they build up a tolerance to drinking. They’re always looking for a situation to order another drink and get mad when the party ends. It’s common for them to pass out drinking and people are sick of their “daring drinking.”

4. Cancer – They forget what the word “No” means

Drunken Cancer’s have a hard time saying no to people, but people have an even harder time saying no to them. They drink A LOT and never want to party to stop. They are literally all over the place. With a wasted Cancer, you never know what you’re going to get. But no matter how much they may stress someone out, they always end up on their good side because of their witty personality.

5. Leo – They OWN the dance floor

When a Leo is drunk, they never want to leave the dance floor. Music and dancing is like their therapy, and they never admit that they’re drunk. You can always count on them to participate in daring games, but they always know their limits. Leo’s carry themselves very well when they’re drunk and there’s nothing bad people can say about them.

6. Sagittarius – The spontaneous one

They are always down for serious fun when they’re drunk. They enjoy switching the usual places and trying out new bars or go to a house party where they don’t know anyone. They’re pretty carefree drinkers and literally don’t give a f#*k what people think about them. It’s amusing for them to embarrass their friends, too.


7. Virgo – The lame ones

Yeah, Virgo’s are pretty lame when it comes to drinking. They usually liked to only get buzzed and want to feel happy. They prefer house parties more than loud clubs, because they love to chill out and have a few drinks here and there. But if when a Virgo gets wasted, you can expect tons of cursing and vulgarity.

8. Libra – No control central

Libra’s are pretty annoying when they drink because they don’t know their limits and end up getting REALLY drunk. They tend to find themselves in the most random and awkward situations (but never regret them). Everyone sees the Libra as the life of the party, that is till the Libra passes out.

9. Capricorn – Keeping it classy

Capricorn’s are the epitome of class when they drink. They always know their limits and even drink below them. They always think of their reputation and don’t want to ruin it. Even though they’re not avid drinkers, never tell them they can’t do anything. A Capricorn can beat you on the 10th shot while you’re passed out.

10. Aquarius – The goofball

A drunk Aquarius is a sight to see and everybody wants to be around one because they are so silly and entertaining. They commonly exaggerate their stories to make them seem funnier, even though they already have everyone’s attention. They’re always with their phone taking random pictures to capture every moment.

11. Scorpio – The smart ass

People explain drunk Scorpio’s as really smart asses. They always love to brag and show off when they’re drunk. A Scorpio either leaves first at the party or stays last. They are pretty careless on who they offend, too. But the next day they think about it and feel bad.

12. Taurus – The happy one

They enjoy good laughs and are true comedians when they’re drunk – devoted to making everyone laugh. Don’t expect them to be in place all night though. They are very clumsy but they just laugh it off anyway.


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