Being Attracted To Middle-Aged People Makes You A Mesophile, Scientists Say


Physical attraction is the most important factor that determines if we like someone. People have many different preferences and tastes.

Have you ever daydreamed of going on a date with a middle-aged person?

Scientists have coined a term for people who are attracted to middle-aged individuals, and it’s called mesophilia.

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Ok, let’s let this sink in.

In a new research article by Michael C. Seto, who is the director of forensic research at the Royal Ottawa Health Care Group, it’s said that people who are attracted to a specific age group are named chronophiliacs.

The research paper is paywalled, but anyone who wants a copy can reach out to him directly (we’ll have the info linked below in this article).

What he plans to do is to uncover the unexplored frontier of mesophilia — being physically attracted by middle-age individuals. This word originates from the Greek word Mesos, which means intermediate.

You’re also probably contemplating if you have heard this term before. Well you haven’t, because Seto just invented it.

He believes mesophilia hasn’t been studied much before because it hasn’t shown a need for clinical help.

As opposed to other types of chronophilia’s, a mesophile isn’t breaking the law and the worst thing that can come out of this is home-wrecking.

But he says that mesophilia is very much real. As opposed to gerontophilia (being attracted to elderly people), mesophilia focuses on people in their 40’s and 50’s.

So, what causes people to be attracted to middle-age individuals?


They’re mature lovers.

Maturity plays a big role in being attracted to a person in their 40’s or 50’s. In his study, he also notes that people who express mesophilia can also be attracted to other age groups as well.

Usually these people seek traits like knowledge and wisdom, which they tend to see more often in people older than them. These qualities are very important for them in order to be attracted to someone.

It’s a lot more than just gender.

He goes on to explain that a person’s physical attraction towards a certain age group isn’t consistent. Most people are teleiophiles, meaning that they’re attracted to mature people in their late teens to early 30’s.

But if they’re surrounded by older individuals that fulfill this quality, then a physical attraction can occur.

Even a situation where a younger person falls in love with a much older one can happen – similar to the movie Harold and Maude.

Michael Seto also explains that he’s seen situations where a straight person can be attracted to someone of the same gender due to this.

The untapped potential of mesophilia will help us understand more about the science of physical attraction toward new age groups, and Seto hopes that this paper will boost other researcher’s interests.

You can request a copy of Michael Seto’s paper by reaching out to him via Twitter or email.

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