According to New Research, This Type of Man Gives the Best Orgasms

Female orgasm has always been a complicated topic. Various studies tried to find out the complexities and how men can give their women the best orgasms. Recently, a study has found out that humorous, creative, warm, faithful, and better-smelling partners give the best orgasms. The study is quite interesting and it’s a kind of guide for men and women as well. Men can learn how they can become the required person in terms of giving the best orgasms and women will clue what kind of men they should pick as their partners.

A research published in Socioaffective Neuroscience & Psychology says:

” Overall, women reported variation in their orgasm rates with different partners. Partners who induced high-orgasm rates were rated as more humorous, creative, warm, faithful, and better smelling than partners who induced low-orgasm rates and also engaged in greater efforts to induce partner orgasm.”

Researchers also found that women’s orgasms tend to be more intense depending on how good-looking they find the men they’re sleeping with. Broad shoulders help, too.

The research included 103 single women and they all were supposed to complete a survey of 71-minutes. The researchers deliberately excluded committed women or those in a relationship to avoid the factor the favoritism.

It’s possible, of course, that perhaps how frequently a man is making us orgasm may be influencing how attractive we then find them – so it might not be as simple as ‘if they’re rich and hot, they’ll make you come’. So essentially, the lesson here is pretty easy: only have sex with people you’re actually attracted to and, well, want to have sex with. Sounds like a good idea all round, really.

Apparently, the sexiest personality trait a man can have is a bangin’ sense of humor, and how funny a dude is can predict a woman’s “propensity to initiate sex, how often they had sex, and it enhanced their orgasm frequency in comparison to other partners.”


In fact, having a good sense of humor was rated sexier than physical appearances, which really says something.

So, if you can make her laugh, she’ll put out. Bonus points if you’re hot and rich.

Ultimately, the study found that dudes who get women off the most possess these six key characteristics:
1. Humor
2. Attractiveness
3. Creativity
4. Emotional warmth
5. Faithfulness
6. Body odor pleasantness



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