8 Reasons Why The Most Incredible Women Often Have The Worst Dating Lives

The dating life has become a game in which passing level 1 is close to impossible. This isn’t a bold statement and if you’re an incredible woman who’s been struggling in the love department, you get this. I’m not saying that all women aren’t incredible, I’m saying that some have it easier than others.

Some of your friends are lucky enough to go out on a few dates to find their perfect guy while you’re struggling to have even a platonic connection? You haven’t had it easy in life also. An incredible woman makes best of the cards life’s given her. She’s the one that doesn’t make a connection easily because she needs to see passion in a man similar to hers.

You’re sexy, intelligent and funny – yet single af. What gives?

1. You’re too intimidating

This is a big issue that guys face. They simply don’t know how to be around an intimidating woman let alone date her. Guys perceive intimidating woman as bitchy, or that they’re trying to be more intense then they really are. It’s sad, but some guys would rather chose a girl that they feel they can control and have power over.

2. You worked hard to be independent (and won’t sacrifice it for anything)

A lot of guys naturally feel that they need to be protective, and this dives deep into their ego. The truth is that an insecure guy feels like you don’t need him. These types of guys have low amounts of self-esteem (watch out, they may not show it). Independent women feel a disconnection from these guys, and hence should avoid them.

3. You can detect any toxic jerky behavior

You have the power to detect jerks before they even feel they have a chance with you. They actually end up never getting this feeling, because you’re a natural repellent. Although this is a good thing, it can turn the good guys off that deserve a second chance. You seem to be intolerant to such behavior in order to protect yourself.

4. You can be unusual at times

A lot of women who are smart and successful can come off as weird. They are unique in their own way, which adds to their amazing-ness. But some guys have a hard time perceiving this and can feel as if these women are weird. That have a hard time with these women and don’t know how to act around them.

5. You’re really picky

You’re super picky and that’s ok. You really respect yourself and know you self worth. Amazing women don’t settle for less. Until you meet your right match, you’re not entering a relationship. You only value guys that are honest, cool and love hard — no one else stands a chance.

6. You’re more mature than most

You maturity and the way you carry yourself is exceptional. The most inspiring women a true ladies in every way — from a good attitude to avoiding negativity. They don’t gossip, talk about other people’s business and only focus on themselves. They don’t need a guy to tell her that she’s sexy or post 20 selfies to get her self-worth.

7. You love hard

No matter how bold and independent you are, you love the hardest. You take pride in having a fruitful relationship and give your all. You make sure that your partner sees you as a friend too and can confine in you always.

8. You’re the type that guys have a hard time finding

Guys are looking for a girl like you like a needle in a haystack. It’s hard for them too. You can only meet this guy if you both match the same standards and self worth accompanied by a loving nature and good soul. Once he sees this in you, he’ll never want another woman.

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  1. I married a wonderful man or so I thought. I was like a jock, but in female form. I avoided the jocks, because I didn’t trust them as far as I could thrown them!! My husband admitted so long ago that he was afraid of me, but my silly sense of humor won him over. He went to Nam & came back a different man, but one I could still love & adore. Slowly, he showed his true colors, to the point, his control caused me to get ill & lived maybe 1/3 of a life. He ends up going out of state, to a medical building & family issues got unbearable, I ended up full charge of my life. No, one can tell me what to do. I have escaped my cocoon & spread my wings freely, like an eagle & after a long difficult struggled (Almost died) I’m fighting my way back almost better than I was. My husband flies off the handle, way too much & doesn’t seem to want me to succeed. I never know how he is going to be, from email to email & I’m so damn sick of it. I can tone some of it down, but I will never give up the who I am for anybody, again. He better learn to accept this or he will be handed his walking papers. I love him dearly & there will never be another, so I’m going to sit back, relax & watch how this movie plays out!!

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