The 7 Most Spiritually Powerful Places In The World (That Will Awaken You)


Many experiences can lead us to find a higher spiritual connection. In fact, spirituality gives us the remarkable opportunity to connect with something larger than ourselves. And on our planet, there are places with high energetic fields. Across the world, many of these places are considered to be spiritual and sacred. Either if you’re a travel junkie or spirituality seeker — you must visit these places no matter what!

1. Machu Picchu, Peru

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Machu Picchu in Peru is one of the most sacred and well hidden places in the world. It’s said to have been the last city of the Incas, who were known to be one of the oldest empires in the world. Embedded in the dramatic landscape of the Andes, Machu Picchu is considered to be one of the seven wonders of the world.

Its complex architecture consists of 200 dry stone wall structures that are placed on a steep ridge. The well planned city is divided into a higher part and a lower part, which divided the residential area from the farming. Machu Picchu has remained one of the biggest mysteries in the world. To this day, the exact role of what Machu Picchu’s importance played for the Incas hasn’t been discovered.

Machu Picchu is known to be the most spiritual place built by the Incas. It’s believed that spiritual worshipers relived the Inca religion by taking the same journey as their ancestors –  hence why they built this on a special landscape. Also, it’s believed to be important astronomical center to them.

2. Stonehenge, England

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Stonehenge in Wiltshire, England is one of the most spiritually dense places in the world. It’s a prehistoric monument, made up of circles of stone. The truth is that no one knows what this monument means or was used for. It’s believed to have been built in several stages from 3000 to 1500 B.C., from the Neolithic to the Bronze Age.

One of the biggest beliefs is that Stonehenge functioned as a Sun calendar, designed to keep track of astronomical events. Many travelers visit this sacred place because they believe it’s a mystical healing ground.

3. Moeraki Boulders, New Zealand

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The mystical Moeraki Boulders are located on Koekohe Beach in New Zealand, between Moeraki and Hampden. As you can see, these aren’t your typical boulders. They are large, with an unusual spherical form shaped like basketballs. It is believed that the boulders date back 56 million years ago!

These boulders are like no other. Some of them are cracked open where you can see beautifully formed quartz crystals.


4. Nazca Lines, Peru

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Another beautiful place located in Peru made this list. These are Peru’s Nazca lines, a series of geoglyphs located in the Nazca desert. They are a variety of shapes and figures, and the largest one extends to 370 meters long.

Some believe that they are created as a message to the Gods while other theories go even more bizarre and suggest that they were made by beings of another kind.

Scientists believe that these drawings are of spiritual significance, and were likely creating as a path for walking. You can see different shapes like spirals, animals while others are unidentifiable. Researchers believe that they were created by the Nazca people back between 100 BC and 700 AD. They also believe that only a few people were intended to walk the lines of a figure, which had a high spiritual and ritual purpose.

5. Mt. Kailash, Tibet

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In the deep west corner of Tibet, you can find Mt. Kailash dominating the landscape at 6,714 meters high. But there’s much more to Mt. Kailash that meets the eye. It’s a common spiritual destination for billions of people around the world, especially for the Hindu, Buddha and Bon religion.

So what makes this pristine landscape sacred? Well, the Jain religion believe their founder, Rishavdev, reached Nirvana there. Buddhists call Mt. Kailash the “previous snow jewel” from where Buddhism started in Tibet and spread further. The founder of the Bon religion is believed to have lived on this mountain. To add to its high spiritual ranking, Mt. Kailash is surrounded by five monasteries and is shaped like a pyramid having almost 4 symmetrical sides.

6. Uluru-Kata Tjuta, Australia

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Uluru represents the spiritual center of Australia. There are myths that say that the inside of the plateau is hollow and that it’s a pure source of energy, which the ancient tribes call Tiukurpa, meaning in English Dream-time. Ancient tribes have many stories about their experiences here and have even drew them inside of cave walls. It’s believed that whoever enters Ulura-Kata Tjuta has spiritual visions.

7. Sedona, Arizona

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Tucked inside northern Arizona lies a spiritual jewel which oozes positive vibes everywhere, known as Sedona. It looks like a place you can only see in the movies. Magically filled with red rocks, twisted Juniper trees and a beautiful desert – Sedona will make you feel a spiritual connection like you’ve never felt before.

Sedona doesn’t have churches or holy sites, it has something more unique – “vortexes.” These are places that have the highest points of energy which were long ago recognized by Native American tribes. People can experience their hands tingling, warming up, currents of energy flowing into them or a shifting of consciousness when entering a vortex.

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