5 Signs That You Need To Get Out Of A Relationship (Before He Cheats)


Being cheated on is the most hurtful thing that can happen to you while you’re in a relationship. But what if you could spot hinting signs that you should end the relationship before you get hurt and cheated on? These signs are something that every woman needs to know in order to avoid heartbreak, and number 3 in particular will shock you. So keep on reading in order to save yourself before it’s too late.

1. Small lies

It’s a common human trait to say a lie here and there, which makes this sign commonly overlooked especially by women. Has he ever lied that he stepped outside to smoke, but instead took a call? Or how about the time that he told you that he’ll be staying long hours in the office, but went off with his friends to watch the game? It’s important to take every lie into account, as it can be a trigger that heartbreak might just be around the corner. Make sure to read between the lines, or what we like to call “read between the lies.”

2. Holding things inside

Communication is key in a successful relationship, but problems occur the moment that communication becomes an issue. Quiet resentment happens when your partner keeps to himself and doesn’t show any interest to talk it out with you. When holding grudges, we all know that these tiny issues snowball into much bigger ones. Try to talk things out, but if he continues to keep to himself then you may want to reconsider your relationship.

3. Being in a relationship to avoid being single

As shocking as this may sound, this is a burning signal to get out of the relationship (if this is the main reason that you’re in it). Of course you’ve invested time in the relationship and you’re doing everything to try to make it work – but when it doesn’t work, it doesn’t. Why? Because if he still doesn’t appreciate you after all of the effort you’ve made, he doesn’t deserve you.


4. He’s TOO jealous

We all like to see little signs of  jealousy from our partner, which can add spice to the relationship. But, when is jealousy too much? Too much to the point that the GET OUT NOW signal is flashing on and off? A good indicator is when you know that the jealousy crosses the protective line and starts causing you stress and anxiety. After all, if your boyfriend can’t trust you when you ask for some space, why be in such a toxic relationship?

5. Being fake

During the first couple of dates we are pressured to act as perfect as possible to make our partner like us more. But when this fakeness overtakes our partner completely, it’s alarming. This means that you’ve never really met the real person he is, just his perfect wannabe version he turns into whenever he’s around you. If he really doesn’t take off his mask, it’s a pretty big sign that he doesn’t trust you enough that he can be who he actually is. This kind of behavior is alarming and is a big sign to end it now!

It’s important that you try to look for any of these signals in your relationship. The more signals you’ve noticed, the closer heartbreak is for you. So do you very best to track these behaviors as they may be your own way to save yourself. Try to spot excessive jealousy, repeated tiny lies, being fake, quiet resentment or just hanging on to avoid being alone. Through this you will learn to love yourself and find someone who truly deserves you.

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