6 Psychic Empath Types: Which One Are You?

It’s no secret that empaths are powerful people with a unique gift. They might not even know this, but depending on their type (yes, there are different empath types), they possess certain psychic abilities.

Usually empaths are born to posses psychic abilities, but sometimes they develop them through time. A psychic empath abilities go way beyond than just sensing how others are feeling. They catch information from a much wider spectrum.

Interestingly enough, a psychic empath can have one or all of these psychic abilities. Are you an empath? Read below to see if you possess any of these psychic gifts.

1. Claircognizant Empath

These empaths have the ability to understand any situation. They instantly can spot deception and when false information is being provided to them. Not only that, but a claircognizant empath has the psychic ability to know how to solve that situation.

2. Telepathic Empaths

Telepathy is a highly advanced psychic ability to be able to communicate with your mind. People who fall into this empath type can read minds and know what’s lurking in their deepest thoughts. Not only people, but they are able to understand animals and plants.

3. Psychometric Empaths

If you can receive information from inanimate objects, such as jewelry, photographs, fabrics – then you’re a psychometric empath. When you touch an object, you can immediately receive information in the form of scents, visions, tastes and emotions.

This is a very unique psychic ability that’s able to tell you the past history of any object that you touch. You can even solve a mystery because of the overwhelming information that you’re receiving such as past owners, how the objects was handled and certain events regarding that object.

4. Precognitive Empaths

Have you ever felt a situation before it actually occurred? If you repeatedly have, you might be a precognitive empath. What’s special about these types of psychic empaths is that these premonitions usually manifest in their dreams.

This psychic ability can be practiced so you can avoid bad situations and walk through better paths in life.

5. Geomantic Empaths

Have you ever felt that you’re strongly connected with the Earth? Geomantic empaths have the ability to receive certain energetic vibrations from the Earth’s soil, plants, rocks or air. These empaths get a strong gut feeling that a natural disaster is about to happen.

They can also detect bad weather and warn their loved ones to go to safety. Animals also have this ability, which causes them to search for safety before a disaster happens.

6. Medium Empaths

A medium empath has a strong psychic ability to see through time. Looking into the past or future is no issue for the medium empath. Usually, this gift is from their birth but grows stronger through time and practice.

What’s also amazing is that medium empaths have the ability to communicate with beings from other times or dimensions. And while many people ask medium empaths to solve their problems, their psychic skill isn’t strong at all times.


They can’t solve their problems, let alone other people’s (no matter how hard they try). Remember, if you have any of these abilities make sure you practice and learn to control them on and off, like you’re switching them.

In order to stay emotionally balanced, remember to devote time alone so you can drain the overload of information that’s being presented to you.

Are you a psychic empath? Please share and comment below to let us know about your psychic experiences.

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  1. All 6. I’ve embraced my path, which means I’ve been experiencing expansions of my gifts, which happen suddenly, intensely, and often without warning. A week ago, I would not have believed I was able to revive information from inanimate objects, but over the last week I’ve had extremely vivid warning drama regarding some of my crystals. Kinda freaked me out at first.

  2. I’ve had experiences with 2, 3 and 4. I want to expand and explore my talents but I don’t live in an area that really accepts empaths. So I don’t know how to control my gifts. Any advice on where to start?

    1. Do you have a spiritualist church in your area, or U tube have lots of information that you may find useful.
      Good luck finding something.

  3. I can do all 6 but would like to.learn how to do more of 2,5,6 come to me when I’m around people or alien like people that help me use the telepathic when I ask them to. I can use 6 more when I’m sleeping then awake.

  4. I know I have 2 and 3. I have detailed conversations with my cat and most cats as well as sine other animals like cows and horses. I also pick up things in stones, jewerly. I and feel the vibrations followed by emotions or images. It’s quite fascinating.

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