5 Indicators Of An Evil And Wicked Heart

When we’re blinded by love, it’s hard to see someone’s true colors. We often tend to have trouble spotting evil-hearted people, but that doesn’t mean that they don’t exist. It’s actually hard to imagine that someone is plotting cruel plans against you on purpose. But the raw truth is that these people really do exist and are part of our everyday lives.

Here are 5 main indicators that you’re dealing with someone with an evil and wicked heart, and if these signs related to someone in your life, then it might be best to take a step back and remove them from your life.

1. They create confusion, chaos and conflicts.

These evil individuals are narcissists by nature and are the masters at creating confusion, chaos and conflicts. As a partner in a relationship, they created unhealthy, toxic environments on purpose to keep your anxiety high at all times. What’s sick is that they even do this when the relationship is going through a calm time, just to catch you off-guard and leave you in shock, questioning what happened.

Creating a chaotic environment is one of the first tricks in their books, and they like to finish off their damages by giving a fully intentional silent treatment.

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2. They are experts at fooling others with their flattering words.

Pure evil people know how to manipulate people through flattery. They know how to use the right words in the right time to distort a fake picture of themselves. Usually on the first date they come off as attractive, bold and interesting — but there’s more than meets the eye.

They flip the script once you start developing feelings for them because their narcissistic personality lacks the ability to love. This is why they can start pushing you away for no reason, which leaves you in confusion and pain.

3. They take advantage of good and vulnerable people.

You should proceed with caution if they’re obsessed with their needs only. At this point, they are ready to take full advantage of you, especially if you’re a kind person. They also have no empathy for the people who they’ve harmed, as if their heart was made out of rock.

Trying to ask for forgiveness doesn’t exist in their world, and they see giving apologies as a trait of the weak. Overall, if a person doesn’t focus on their partners’ problems equally as their own, they’ll never change down the road.

4. They are control freaks.

They crave having full control in order to dominate their partners. Through emotional manipulation they succeed on achieving this. This makes the person that’s being controlled feel as if they are the villain, simply because their evil partner is pretty skilled at manipulation and mind games.

Wicked people never take responsibility for their actions, neither do they accept criticism. They have their own unique rules to live life and no one’s opinion matters to them. And one if it is having their tools for manipulation always at hand.

5. They have no conscience.

They don’t understand what remorse means if they read the definition 4 times in the dictionary. That plus not having the feeling of guilt and shame means that they’re ready to do practically anything. They can totally act like nothing had happened by simply saying, “What are you making a fuss about?”

Not only don’t they feel like they’ve sinned and try to release themselves by changing their actions, but they actually feel good after doing something vicious. They think that this adds a sense of nobility to their character. The only way they’d case what people think about them is if they get exposed for something. This eventually leads them to say a bunch of awful things and in the end they act like nothing happened.

If you love someone, recognizing these signs might be hard. But in the long-run, would only be of benefit for you and your mental health. Once you confront a person with a wicked heart, they’ll feel weak and end their game. Once the power is in your hands, you’ll shed light upon the darkness.

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  1. I had to breakup with a friend because he was acting in ways like these. He had a way of never accepting his faults. Instead, he would twist things around making it sound like he was still a good person. I would call it false self justification. I unfriended him once before for this reason, but a couple of years later decided to open up and be friends with again. That was a mistake because eventually he tried to manipulate me again by saying untrue things about my girlfriend. It is a long story, but he was being extremely judgmental and assuming about her personality and how she treats me. He was saying these things without knowing her. I tried to hash it out with him and ask for an apology, but he refused to give me one. I stopped talking to him once again, but I can shed light on the matter because I forgave him. The forgiveness was not so much for him, but for me.

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