16 Super Creepy Things Accidentally Caught on Baby Monitors

Being a parent can be more than nerve-wracking, it can also be quite terrifying as well. Instead of constantly walking in to check up on their baby, parents commonly use baby monitors to check if their baby is sleeping. There are state-of-the-art baby monitors that even connect with your smartphone so you can monitor from there.

But one thing parents don’t expect to see on the baby monitors are images of certain “visitors” in the baby’s room. Such high-tech baby monitors can catch pretty much any level of creepiness, even in pitch dark rooms. If you’re wondering just what creepy images people have caught on their baby monitors, then check out our list below and see the pictures for yourself. And you might want to send them to your partner who’s biological clock is ticking or may be already expecting, just to let them know what’s out there!

1. Baby has a creepy late night visitor.

2. Wait… Since when do we have a baby-sitter?

3. Demon child…

4. Who is this little guy looking at?

5. Just no.

6. Just a baby with her toys, so not creepy.

7. Ok…

8. And the worst game of pick-a-boo award goes to…

9. Who left the closet door open?

10. Standing baby on the edge of the crib. Truly no explanation for this.

11. That awkward moment when your baby has creepy horn warmers on his head…

12. Mom sees ghostly figure above baby..

13. Night vision baby.

14.  That creepy moment when you only have one baby but see two on the baby monitor.

15. Again, person has one kid but sees two. Also, they’re wearing different outfits.

16. Strange head shape appears above baby, parents also heard weird voices through baby monitor.

Have you ever encountered unexplainable shapes and forms on your baby monitor? Comment below and let us know about your experience.

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