15 Motels That You’ll DEFINITELY Be Murdered In


Sometimes you’re on a road trip with your friends, and you need a quick place to stay. You might be tempted to stay in the nearest hotel that you see. That’s fine usually, but unless you enjoy the thrill of staying in a haunted hotel, you’ll want to steer clear of these places and just keep driving. From supposed ghosts, murders, and abandonment, this list has it all. Are you brave enough to stay in any of these places?

1. The Clown Motel – Tonopah, Nevada

The clown motel is what you’d expect- a hotel themed by clowns. It’s even more terrifying that the nearest town is 70 miles away. The parking lot of this motel is also the parking lot for a cemetery for people who died from a plague. Guests who have stayed here state that they find strange things in the closet and hear screams.

2. The Stanley – Estes Park, Colorado

Located less than 6 miles from Rocky Mountain National Park, you’ll find The Stanley. This hotel was the inspiration behind Stephen King’s “The Shining”. In Room 217 of this hotel, a housekeeper was electrocuted during a lightning storm. She didn’t die, but that didn’t stop it from becoming a hotbed for paranormal activity.

3.  Congress Plaza Hotel – Chicago, Illinois

The Congress Plaza Hotel is coined as “the most haunted hotel in Chicago”. It’s a really old hotel built in 1893, so it has that spooky old hotel feel. It is said that the ghost of a murdered hobo roams the corridors of this creepy hotel. There is also a room on the 12th floor that is fastened shut because it’s so creepy. Have fun getting any rest if you decide to stay here!

4. Oliver House Bed and Breakfast – Bisbee, Arizona

At this hotel, you might not be the only guests at the breakfast table. There is said to be tons of ghosts that live inside that will join you. There has been said to be twenty-six deaths here, most being murders. Sadly, there is no official way to tell exactly how much deaths have occurred due to lack of documents due to neglect or fire.

5. Rodeway Inn – Dickinson, North Dakota

The Rodeway Inn differs from the other hotels we’ve talked about so far. It apparently isn’t haunted. It’s just a famous stop for serial killers, so if you don’t believe in ghosts, maybe you’ll see a human murderer instead. This is also a 2 star hotel, so your experience probably won’t be the best regardless.

6. Monte Vista Hotel – Flagstaff, Arizona

Located along old Route 66, you will find the Monte Vista Hotel. This hotel has been said to have at least 10 ghosts residing here. This is due to an incident occurring in the 1970’s where three men robbed a Flagstaff bank. One of the men got shot while escaping. They thought they were in the clear so they went to the Monte Vista to celebrate and to grab a drink, but the injured man didn’t make it and died right in the hotel. Creepy.

7. Topanga Ranch Motel – Malibu, California

The Topanga Ranch Motel is found at the bottom of the Santa Monica mountains in Malibu. It is another one of those hotels listed that aren’t necessarily “haunted”, but creepy enough alone to make it to this list. In 2001, a few of the bohemian Topanga Canyon crazies lived there, then eventually got evicted by the sheriff in 2005. Drive past it if you’re ever in Malibu and you’ll understand the creepy feel.


8. Skinny Dick’s – Fairbanks, Alaska

Located in Fairbanks, Alaska, you’ll find the Skinny Dicks Halfway Inn. This place actually looks like a truck stop rather than an inn. There are images plastered of bears humping, and they sell $35 “after sex towels”, so chances are they understand how their name sounds wrong.

9. The Mission Inn – Riverside, California

If you ever decide you want to take a nice trip to California, I would advise staying away from this creepy hotel (unless you want to die). You’d probably find this the best looking hotel on this list which is tempting, but you really shouldn’t. This Inn was originally called The Glenwood Cottage and was owner by Christopher Columbus Miller, and eventually got passed down to his son who turned it into a hotel. Then when the son died, it got passed down to his daughter and son in law. It is said that the ghosts of the previous owners stay here, and make themselves known by touching people and creating cold spots.

10. Igloo City – Cantwell, Alaska

This “hotel” in Alaska is known for being shaped like a severed skull. It is so isolated from any other sort of civilization that if you visit and we’re to get murdered, you’re on your own. It was originally built in the 1970s, but the four story building never even got completed. People who drive past say to see weird lights coming from this hotel, and even a woman in white looking out the window.

11. Palmer House Hotel – Sauk Center, Minnesota

The Palmer House Hotel, built in 1901, is a place you’ll want to avoid if you’re easily frightened. Even the owner of this hotel who bought it 10 years ago says it’s haunted. Guests are said to hear children playing in the hallways when there isn’t anyone there, see furniture being moved, and feel unexpected temperature changes. Imagine trying to get any rest!

12.  Cosmopolitan Motel – Staten Island, New York

You can find the Cosmopolitan Motel in Staten Island, New York. In 2015, Michele Hernandez, a 21 year old prostitute, was shot in the head in room 292 due to her alleged pimp getting into an argument with one of her customers. Only a few weeks later, four prostitutes were found and arrested. Due to the numerous situations involving prostitution and murder here, you might as well keep driving until you pass another motel to stop and stay at. Just in case.

13. Green Valley Motel – Orick, California

The Green Valley Motel is a terrifying motel located in Orick, California. This motels first indication that you should stay as far away from it as possible, was when it was forced to vacate due to its leaking ceiling tiles. If that won’t stop you, there is said to be a ton of cockroaches here, overflowing toilets, and exposed electrical wires.

14. Ryugyong Hotel – Pyongyang, North Korea

The Ryugyong Hotel is a triangular hotel located in North Korea. It is 105 stories long and 1082 feet tall. This building regardless being started in 1987, is still uncompleted. If you were to get the chance to stay in this hotel, you would definitely not want to look down. It isn’t dubbed the “Hotel of Doom” for no reason.

15. Motel 6 – Gary, Indiana

The Motel 6 Hammond is a 2-star hotel located in Indiana. This motel ended up on this list because an Indiana man confessed to murdering a woman who’s body was found in the hotel. Not only that, but the man also told the police where they can find three other murdered women. The police did in fact find these bodies. Guests who stay here claim that it smells like urine, their keys don’t work, and the service all around is horrible.

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