Are Any Of These 15 Animals Showing Up Too Often? Then You’re Being Contacted From Above


I believe that certain animals are messengers from the higher realm. Being contacted from the spirit world by any of these 15 animals notifies us that something is going to happen in our lives. These animal messengers reveal themselves to us multiple times that alarm us to pay attention to something.

Animal messengers act as guiders through our lives, shining light on important segments of our lives. Even from Ancient times people have been aware of such sentient beings that guide us in life, which is why they treated them with respect. By understanding their behavior, we can discover what their messages mean.

They are similar to Spirit guides and have carry the gift of a highly active sixth sense. They are sensitive to the environment around them. If we learn to better understand their mysticism and energy, we can learn the message they carry for us. Here are 15 animals that carry messages from above and their meaning if you witness them often.

1. Raven/Crow

The raven tends to carry the dark message of death, and may mean that you’re ready to let go of something in life. They indicate the death and rebirth cycle.

2. Cardinal

The cardinal is a beautiful bird that carries the message of a recently deceased male relative. If you notice that a cardinal shows up more than expected, know that this is a sign from your deceased relative that he is protecting you.

3. Lizard

Seeing a lizard often is usually a reminder that we need to continue our goals and stay in the right path. Lizards are a sign that we need to use our capacity to its fullest.

4. Bluejay

A bluejay is usually a sign that a female deceased relative is contacting us. It’s a sign to remain creative and curious. Also, it may try to tell us about the importance of family.

5. Praying Mantis

The praying mantis sends out a message to respect the stillness of life and to be more peaceful. They are a sign to avoid provocations and arguments.

6. Owl

The owl is an important messenger that is a sign that you need to listen to your intuition and wisdom. It’s asking you to always stick to your guts and be aware of situations that may take in the wrong direction.

7. Eagle

The eagle is a powerful messenger that notifies us when we’re transcending to a higher spiritual level. Many people who are entering a higher consciousness level reported to have seen eagles repeatedly.


8. Hawk

The hawk is a teacher that let’s you know that you should think twice before making an important decision.

9. Spider

Spiders are a sign that we need to tune into our creativity and take on new ideas and inspirations that we have. To pursue what truly inspires us. It may also be a spirit from above trying to reach out to you.

10. Snake

Snakes are often times a sign that we need to remain  passionate about life. And if you keep on seeing snakes, this is a signal that you need to devote more energy and love into life. Snakes also carry the message of ‘healing’ and entering a state of rebirth.

11. Dragonfly

The dragonfly sends a beautiful message letting you know that you’re being watched over and protected by your guardian angel. If you keep on seeing dragonflies, than this is an indicator that you’re on the right spiritual path.

12. Ladybug

It’s common belief that a ladybug is a sign of good luck and that the planets are all aligning for you! If you repeatedly see ladybugs know that things will shift in your favor and that you need to push forward to make your wishes happen.

13. Butterfly

Butterflies carry the message of self-transformation and are an indicator that you need to make a change within yourself. It also indicates that you may need to let go of some thoughts that are blocking you from growing.

14. Wolf

A wolf is a sign that you need to question who you’re surrounding yourself with. They’re also a sign that you need to devote to your family more to make enter a successful chapter in life.

15. Fox

Foxes alert us that we need to take into consideration that there different ways to approach life situations. If you keep on seeing foxes, try to adjust your way of thinking. They also indicate that we shouldn’t take things too hard in life and to be joyful.

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