11 Warning Signs That Someone You Know Might Be A Serial Killer

Have you ever wanted to get inside the mind of a serial killer? If you’re an avid fan of TV or horror movies, you probably are more wary of serial killers in your daily life. It makes sense to be careful if you already know which personality traits are connected to those of a serial killer.

Have you ever dated someone who just gave you the creeps? Some people have serial killer traits, but they don’t always act on their thoughts. But just because they might not act on their thoughts does not mean that you won’t be their first experiment.

There are a few specific signs that you have to be aware of in people you surround yourself with. You need to educate yourself about possible serial killer traits that should give you a one way trip to the opposite side of the world they live in. Here’s a list below pointing out many common signs found in existing serial killers.

1. They play with fire

Have you ever met anyone that always seems to play with a lighter, and often burning their fingers with it? Sometimes they like to joke about possibly burning down a whole house or public space. They usually try to play it off by saying it’s simply a joke but you can just see it in their face! Psychologists have proven that plenty of killers start off as arsonists at a young age because starting a fire symbolizes power for them and confirms that they are in control. David Berkowitz is a great example of a pyromaniac. After his arrest, he admitted to starting dozens of fires throughout New York.

2. They compulsively masturbate

Many serial killers also have a high libido and compulsively masturbate multiple times a day to the point that they feel pain. It is very common for serial killers to overlap as rapists. They start off addicted to porn at a young age, and find sexual pleasure in creepy and unusual things.

3. Peeping toms

For some reason, the act of voyeurism is common in young cases of serial killers. Sometimes they have binoculars and try to peep into stranger’s houses and watch others get undressed. Ted Bundy has said that he enjoyed late nights stalking his community, often searching for women undressing. Psychologists claim it gives the person a sense of power over another person, while including the element of surprise and helplessness towards the victim. If any of your friends find this as a reasonable hobby, you should be alarmed and stay away from them.

4. Torture defenseless animals

For many serial killers, torturing defenseless animals is one of the first act they perform as a young child. They wonder how it feels to torture a living thing and then kill it, therefore they take a small animal such as a cat or rabbit, and experiment with it. No normal child thinks of torturing their beloved family pet, so if you ever knew someone who did such a thing at a young age or even an older age, stay away from them. Animals are pure and defenseless, therefore if someone has the heart (or lack of one) to hurt them, then they would have no problem hurting you.

To an upcoming serial killer, torturing small animals brings a newfound satisfaction of controlling the fate of another’s life and therefore sparks a fire to perform those acts on humans.

Some famous serial killers such as David Berkowitz, Jeffrey Dahmer, and Carroll Edward Cole have come clean to killing small animals as one of their first of many violent acts. Studies have confirmed that roughly 70% of imprisoned serial killers have started torturing small animals at a young age.

5. Substance abuse

It’s not shocking at all to come to terms with serial killers being similar to addicts. Serial killers are already addicted to killing and get a twisted high off of it, so it comes as no surprise that many of them struggle with substance abuse. Many of them become alcoholics early on and then turn to drugs such as cocaine, heroin, and meth. For example, Jeffrey Dahmer was already an alcoholic by the time he was in high school. Ted Bundy was also heavily addicted to alcohol, drugs, and porn as a replacement to his addiction to kill.

6. Have trouble keeping a job

First of all, a lot of us cannot keep a job due to not being paid enough, or finding a better one. But serial killers cannot keep a job due to their psychological problems that route much deeper than the average person. Plenty of them usually work more blue-collar jobs, leaning to unskilled labor to make it easier to move on.

David Berkowitz worked a few lower class jobs, such as a mailman, before he was finally caught. Someone changing jobs every week is not normal and chances are that if your friend changed jobs 3 times within a month, that he’s gonna kill you. Okay maybe I’m exaggerating but don’t keep your eyes closed at night.

7. Antisocial behavior

Although difficult to diagnose, sometimes it is wildly unusual to see a child keep to themselves to the point they don’t speak to anyone. Many serial killers have problems speaking to others in early stages of school, but they’d often have strange thoughts about their peers. Sadly this is far too general of an issue to pinpoint only to serial killers.

8. They manipulate people

Have you ever met someone who can convince you to do anything no matter what? Serial killers have been proven as smooth talkers who can convince others to do things they normally wouldn’t. They will put their needs before your feelings and will always get what they want, at any cost.

They pretend to do things for you, and make it seem like they are emotionally invested in you, but ultimately, they don’t care about you. An example of this is Doctor Harold Shipman, a medical expert who manipulated his patients into deadly treatments that led to their deaths.

9. Self-Mutilation

Although a less common trait of a serial killer, it is still an existing one. Older serial killers self mutilate as an act of self-destruction. Younger serial killers start off with inflicting self pain and grow to further acts such as breaking bones. An example of self-mutilation is Albert Fish, a serial killer who stuck needles into his own pelvis.

10. Unusual IQ

Many serial killers thrive in intelligence, since they have to be highly intelligent to pull murders off and stay low-key. Sometimes their IQ scores don’t add up and they score much lower than one would expect.

The killers with lower IQ’s are often more disorganized and leave traces of their murders behind. Serial killers such as John Wayne Gacy and Ted Bundy have an IQ of roughly 113, while less intelligent and far less successful serial killers only have a median of 83.

Ed Kemper had an outstanding level of intelligence, and he successfully manipulated psychiatrists into releasing him five years after the murder of his grandparents. They believed he was reformed, but as soon as he escaped he killed eight more women.

11. Poor Family Life

Serial killers often come from failed families. Many of them grow up with alcoholic parents who beat them to the point they feel they have no control. This abuse ruins their mental stability and sometimes they snap and decide to harm others in order to take their power back. Serial killers often have their own family members as their first human victims.

Ed Kemper murdered his grandparents at the age of 15. He then proceeded by killing six female college students, and then followed it up with the murder of his abusive mother. Kemper decapitated his mom’s corpse by using her head as a dart board, and then disposed of her vocal cords by throwing them into the garbage. By the looks of it, his poor relationship with her made him snap.

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