10 Things That Prove You’re An Old Soul


To be an old soul means to approach life differently. You’ve probably heard this term before, but you might not know (yet) that you too are an old soul. Has anyone ever told you that you are wise for your years? Are you a dreamer who embraces life as a whole? If your answer is yes, then you might just be an old soul. But to really find out you need to see if any of these 10 things correspond with your life.

What is an old soul?

A person with an old soul is in a high spiritual state, a state of self-awareness where the material elements mean nothing. You won’t see an old soul punching in a time clock on the 9-5 grind. Their deep philosophical understandings make them true teachers of the young, which motivates them. Old souls stay away from the pits of the Earth, avoid drama and demonstrate how to be free in the society.

10 Things that prove you’re an old soul

1. You are an introvert

You’ve always been different from those around you. Your interests aren’t materialistic and are for the greater good. Because of these differences, you’ve become introverted, keeping your strong philosophical thoughts to yourself.

2. You love classical things

While your friends party for the weekends, your ideal evening is reading an old classic novel or going to the theater.  Old souls also adore classic manners, too. Whether it’s a simple gesture or table manners, you’re the most elegant one in the room.

3. You have a wide perception

This means you always see more than the ordinary person. You always tend to see the big picture and people seem to wonder how you do it. The little everyday things that bother others don’t bother you. You avoid seeing things shorter and making them of significant importance.

4. You’re a romantic

To you, true love exists. No matter how short relationships last nowadays, you always believe that two souls can find each other and match perfectly.


5. You were a weird kid

No matter if you had friends or not, you always felt that something about you was different. Kids with old souls tend to rebel against their teachers and see childhood as a less purposeful period for them.

6. You look to history to get advice

While your friends talk to each other for advice and look for ways to tackle their problems, you look to your old ways because you know that it’ll work. Even though listening to other people’s advice would hurt, you tend to avoid this and don’t even consider it as an option.

7. Knowledge is the most important thing to you

Old souls never stop learning about new things and always have piles of books by them. They also love discovering music, learning math, science, art and follow global events. It seems there’s nothing that an old soul doesn’t know!

8. You keep calm

When everyone acts hysterical, you’re the one staying calm. You’ve always thought it was useless to run around like a chicken. You always approach situations with a level-head, something that you are very respected for.

9. You have a giving heart

Because sharing is caring, you love to give. Generosity is a core feature within you which defines you. You love bringing smilies to people’s faces and help the less fortunate.

10. You’re the epitome of sophistication

You’re always the cool one that doesn’t try to be cool. You don’t use slangs terms or wear sweatpants. You carry yourself with the utmost sophistication and your classic style only adds to this.

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