10 Crystal Clear Signs That A Spirit Is Trying To Contact You (#8 Is A Definite One!)

Death is just one of the spiritual phases that souls go through. It’s definitely not the end. When the soul leaves the body, it enters a higher realm and we cannot see it with our eyes (at least most of us).

Souls usually cross onto the other side very fast, but others struggle and stay around us. It’s very common that when they’re in this situation, they try to communicate with us.

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Here are crystal clear signs that a spirit is trying to contact you.

1. Lights keep flickering.

Many famous mediums have noted that when lights keep on flickering, it’s usually a sign that a loved one wants to contact us. Simply just to let us know that they are present with us in the room. Not only that, but the flickering places us into an intuitive state where we become more perceptive. This is caused by the high vibrating energy levels sent by the spirit that’s trying to communicate with you.

2. You sense a presence in the room (even though you’re alone).

Have you ever sensed a shadow in the corner of your eyes and when you turned around you couldn’t see anything? Or if you’ve ever felt a feeling of uneasiness and a flooding of emotions? This is a strange feeling that’s hard to explain – but in most cases there is a spirit present.

3. You feel a breeze around you – and the window’s closed.

Have you ever been indoors and felt a sweep of air pass right through you? This is a chilling air flow that doesn’t relate to the room temperature. Spirits are balls of energy and have the ability to lower room temperatures.

4. Someone keeps calling your name.

Have you ever heard your name being called by someone, only when you look around there’s no one? You’re perfectly sure someone did say your name, though. A spirit can go further than just simple name calling, and can whisper something meaningful to the both of you.

5. You have a repeated visitor in your dreams.

This is by far the most common way spirits try to contact us. During out dream state, we are more likely to accept various forms of communication in our subconscious mind. This state is almost like a vortex through which spirits carry messages to us — and even warnings. Never take your dreams for granted.

6. Smell sensations.

Certain smells that really don’t have anything to do with the environment is also a trigger that a spirit is trying to contact you. It could be their favorite cologne or perfume.

7. Reflections in the mirror.

Have you ever noticed a weird shadow when you looked in a mirror? Some people have even seen entire transparent spirits appear right before their eyes when they looked at a mirror or window reflection. Not many spirits can communicate this way, as it is a very advanced form of communication.

8. Objects move on their own.

There isn’t anything else that can explain the sole movement of an object. If an object MOVES in front of you, this is a clear sign that a spirit is trying to contact you. If objects start flying around and even try to hit you – then you’re dealing with an angry spirit.

9. Reoccurring numbers and symbols appear around you.

You need to pay attention to symbols and numbers around you, they are there for a reason. Spirits may be trying to contact you. It can be a symbol that means something to that spirit, or maybe a number that you thought of before you even saw it. The spirit is letting you know that it’s present.

10. Clocks freezing.

Yes, clocks naturally stop and it’s usually not a shocker for us. But what if it stops during a certain time that is important to the spirit? There have been many spirits that have contacted people this way and have used the time of their death to stop the clock. Next time you clock stops, try to see if the time rings a bell.

If you have ever communicated with a spirit or have had similar experience, please share and comment below!




  1. I found 2 quarters and 2 pennies (.52) on the ground by my car on my birthday. My mom was telling me happy birthday (I was born in 1952).

  2. Yes, all the time. Lights flickering, fast shadows that disappear when I turn my head. Little odd things like dates, days and numbers and words, almost all of it and especially in dreams. I’ve lost many family members and get little messages through my dreams. Usually its just that feel the need to see them again for comfort. I knew I was different from a small age I had vivid dreams about certain things and this is also when I started to Astral travel alot and wake up screaming because I shaken by what was happening. I began practicing more and more and learned I could go anywhere I wanted. I even had validation several years after a very real Astral Dream. I even have premonition dreams, as well as knowing what’s going to happen usually right before it does, wish I had just a little more control into that one would be great.

    1. I remember I could travel, but suddenly it stopped, I’d could be because I have my passport expired, could you astral travel without passport?

  3. After my best friends younger brother passed I had a visitation from him. The way you can tell the difference between a visitation and a dream is a dream will generally fade after a few hours but the details of a visitation will stay with you for days and even longer. He wanted to tell me he was feeling great and he looked like he did as a teen ager. He passed from throat cancer and was very thin at the time of his passing.
    I had also had a visitation from Mother Mary several years ago she told me to have Faith all would work out as it should I could still feel her touch on my cheek months afterwords.
    Death is a promotion for the soul.

  4. I have many strang things happen flickering lights all the time a chair that constantly flips or falls over and I was just recently married and a gift that was given to us FLEW off the wall with many witnesses. I’m unsure of what it all means but it happens often. My fiancé was killed in 2007 I often wonder if it is him

  5. I have literally had ALL these things happen to me throughout my life… last home I lived in had pictures turned all directions on walls…. when no person was there to move them…. lights on n off… doors opening and closing on their own with no wind…. chair moving across floor on its own…. I believe it was my bf grandpa who built the ole farm house n lived there for over 50 years n also died there. Then my best friend after he took his life on same property….. he has spoken to me several times. I am not afraid at all and welcome spirit…

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